frantic searches and social appeals

frantic searches and social appeals
frantic searches and social appeals

Hours of strong apprehension for Giacomo Sartori, the thirty-year-old from Mel in the Belluno area whose traces were lost on Friday evening in Milano. The young man, after leaving a bar where he was with friends, disappeared into thin air. He never returned to his apartment, he never contacted friends and family and turned off the phone.

He has been living in Milan for several years and since last February he embarked on a new career path in the Software company of Assago, where he worked as a computer technician. His brother Tommaso tells the story of Giacomo’s last hours before his death. «Friday evening he went to a bar in Milan with some friends. He had supported him backpack to the ground; inside he kept his wallet, documents and the company computer. Someone stole it from him and he was very upset about it ». Giacomo then left the bar alone, around 11.30pm, and has since disappeared into thin air. He never went back to his apartment. The last access on WhatsApp dates back to 2.30, then he no longer turned on his mobile phone, even if he should have it with him as it was not in the stolen backpack.

The family was alerted on Sunday morning. “His friends in Milan called us to ask if we had had any recent contact with Giacomo because they had not seen him since Friday and were unable to get in touch with him – says his brother who immediately left to follow the research closely.

The family members tried to geo locate the company car with which, probably, he left; it’s about a VW Polo dark gray license plate GF905VY. The geo locator is not inserted. The family relied on the association Penelope,. Anyone who has information or has seen it can contact 112, 3458512950 or the association Penelope al 380/7814931.

The appeal of a colleague and friend

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frantic searches social appeals

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