the news that shocks the whole studio – Libero Quotidiano

the news that shocks the whole studio – Libero Quotidiano
the news that shocks the whole studio – Libero Quotidiano

Barbara d’urso upset. It happens during the September 21 episode of Afternoon 5. Here the presenter, engaged in an interview, is interrupted for an update. The news is that of don Francesco Spagnesi, the forty-year-old priest arrested a week ago in Prato on charges of drug trafficking and embezzlement.

At that point, d’Urso can do nothing but give the floor to his correspondent Giorgia Scaccia who explains: “There would be a new charge for Don Francesco, attempted very serious injuries. The priest would be HIV-positive and would have kept his condition from the participants in the feasts. Don Francesco’s companion is not investigated on this matter, but an offended party. 20-30 people would regularly participate in the festivities. According to investigators, two would already be HIV positive“.

Upon returning to the studio, Mediaset’s face is stunned to say the least, so much so that he indulges in a personal comment: “It’s chilling.” Shortly before, in the Canale 5 broadcast, a question and answer session was broadcast between a teacher opposed to the Green pass and the analysts in the d’Urso lounge. “I do not vaccinate and I refuse to pay for tampons – said the professor -. I am not no vax and I am not yes vax. Some of my colleagues and I went to the board of directors and asked for a dialogue table. We are against the green pass. Science compares different positions. “The presenter’s attempts to ask questions of the man, who was blocked directly by his guests, were useless. “Stop“, they shouted at him once and for all.

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news shocks studio Libero Quotidiano

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