Basketball Super Cup, Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano 90-84: the final

Basketball Super Cup, Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano 90-84: the final
Basketball Super Cup, Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano 90-84: the final

In the replica of the last championship final, Segafredo wins again, 90-84, ahead even at +17 over the Armani, who returned only in the final but never returned to the game

by our correspondent Vincenzo Di Schiavi

21 September
– Bologna

Virtus raises the Super Cup to the sky and takes the first round of the endless challenge against Milan. After the Scudetto in June, Bologna does an encore, pushed by Alessandro Pajola, increasingly the protagonist in a team of stars and “wingmen” with great potential. Jaiteh, Abass and Alibegovic complete the work by bending 90-84 a Milan that lives on Rodriguez’s inspiration and the triples hurled in the second half, but still too magmatic to worry the Italian champions.


Milan without Daniels and with confirmed turnover (outside of Tarczewski and Grant), Virtus without Mannion and Udoh, but with Belinelli and Pajola who think basketball for the long haul. Bologna shoots up 10-2, Messina calls a nervous timeout, then with the second quintet and Mitoglou’s offensive rebounds, Olimpia mends. Milan keeps afloat with the defense (excellent Hall) despite 39% shooting. Milos Teodosic signs the triple of 23-30 at the first siren. Virtus is more balanced in attack-defense balance and builds better possessions. Abass takes the ball in his hand and tries the first shot (31-26) which becomes +7 with the inventions of Teodosic for the excellent Jaiteh. Milan struggles unable to produce a game in a deployed defense. Weems’ triple is worth +9 and Messina stops everything, but it is not air. At the interval Virtus goes to a comfortable 44-35.


Then Pajola takes the chair, a man everywhere (already 10 points, 6 assists and 3 rebounds) wearing the +13 that sends Milan to the ropes. Messina removes the harmful Delaney and puts the team in the hands of Rodriguez and Hall. The triple funfair, however, turns on the Juventus fans: four Virtus centers, three from Milan and V Nere which also reach +17 (66-49). The Chacho, from the bow, tries to keep Olimpia afloat. At 30 ‘Virtus ahead 67-55, but now Rodriguez is in the match, indeed he rules it. The Spanish player pushes the counterpart of 15-5 which is worth -7 (64-71). Pajola, however, is equally lucid and holds the Virtus in front. Milan thrives on triples, stitches up to -6, but that’s not enough. Virtus takes the first trophy.

MILANO: Shields 19, Rodriguez 17, Hall 13.

VIRTUE: Jaiteh 18, Alibegovic e Pajola 13.

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Basketball Super Cup Virtus BolognaOlimpia Milano final

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