Serie A – The report cards of Fiorentina-Inter 1-3: madness Nico Gonzalez, Nerazzurri to the rescue in the second half

Serie A – The report cards of Fiorentina-Inter 1-3: madness Nico Gonzalez, Nerazzurri to the rescue in the second half
Serie A – The report cards of Fiorentina-Inter 1-3: madness Nico Gonzalez, Nerazzurri to the rescue in the second half

Fiorentina-Inter, the match of the fifth day of Serie A 2021-2022 staged at the Franchi stadium in Florence, ended with a score of 1-3. Match refereed by Michael Fabbri of Ravenna. Below are the votes to the protagonists of the match to understand the progress of the match and for a first look from a fantasy football perspective.

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Fiorentina-Inter, slow motion: red to Gonzalez for applause to the referee


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=== The Fiorentina report cards ===

Bartlomiej DRAGOWSKI 6 – Attentive to Calhanoglu’s free-kick, discreet in the round of the ball except for an error in the second half that makes his team shiver. He can do nothing on the three goals.

Marco BENASSI 5.5 – One of the tactical surprises of the evening, with Italiano deploying him right back. He is not comfortable and it shows. Try to shake off the pressure with some offensive sortie, but without success (from 66 ‘ Alvaro ODRIOZOLA 5.5 – Little or nothing in the scarce half hour available)

Nikola MILENKOVIC 5 – He commands the defense well in the first half, showing himself with personality even forwards. He sinks in the second half, even without particular responsibility for goals.

Matija NASTASIC 5.5 – Return to the field and successfully defend the fort for a while. Then the evening gets complicated.

Cristiano BIRAGHI 5 – Well in thrust at the beginning of the match, where he also goes to shooting. Then he loses altitude like everyone else and gets eaten in the head by Dzeko at 2-1.

Giacomo BONAVENTURA 5.5 – Player whose generosity is never discussed. Often comes short of breath on the trocar and does not affect as well as it could.

Lucas TORREIRA 6.5 – Brain of the midfield, almost unbeatable screen in the first half where he wins the duel with Brozovic. Then he goes down too. (from 66 ‘ Sofyan AMRABAT 6 – Honest game in front of the defense).

Alfred DUNCAN 6 – Start contract, a little staid. A nice conclusion from distance unlocks him a bit and even without big treble he is one of the last to give up.

Riccardo SOTTIL 6.5 – Unlock the race by arriving on Gonzalez’s chocolate on time. Sparkling on the right, even if it gradually disappears from the match.

Dusan VLAHOVIC 5.5 – He too starts at full speed, full of energy for such an important challenge. Difficult to contain until the team turns, then they take his measurements and he crashes.

Nicolas GONZALEZ 5.5 – Average rating between an overflowing first half, with a lot of assists for Sottil’s goal, and a recovery in vertical collapse, culminating in the very unwise expulsion for protests. From there there is no longer a match. From the stars to the stables.

Annex Vincenzo ITALIANO 6.5 – His Fiorentina bites the match as best he could and for half an hour it is a spectacle. The defeat remains, but we are on a different planet from last season.

=== Inter report cards ===

Samir HANDANOVIC 6.5 – Decisive at the start on Nico Gonzalez and shortly after on Vlahovic, he plays a careful game, without flaws. Safety. Not guilty of the goal.

Milan SKRINIAR 5.5 – Concerning the goal conceded, there remains the strong doubt of a decisive push from Nico Gonzalez, but it is also true that the Argentine’s speed suffers for a long time. Not usual scenes, given how much Slovak has grown in recent times.

Stefan DE VRIJ 6 – He too in trouble at the start, when he doesn’t seem to be having his best evening. Then the confident leader we know returns.

Alessandro BASTONI 6.5 – The best of the three defenders, practically nothing wrong.

Matthew DARMIAN 6.5 – He was about to go out and hit with a goal of capital importance, really valuable for quality and speed of execution. (from 66 ‘ Denzel DUMFRIES 6,5 – Start the match in an impressive way.)

Nicholas BARELLA 7 He suffers like the whole team in the complicated moment of his, where he is less exuberant than usual. After half an hour, turn up the volume of the music by three tones and the amazing midfielder we know returns. An assist for Biraghi and one not used by Lautaro. He comes out with a thigh problem (from 70 ‘ Matias NEIGHBOR 6 – Enter with the right look)

Marcelo BROZOVIC 6.5 – Another one with exponential growth over the course of the match. He suffers from the twists and turns of Torreira, but this match is won by the marathon runners and he closes by growling in defense and overturning the action as if they were the first minutes.

Hakan CALHANOGLU 6,5 – Twice shooting in the first half, assist for Dezko. Remarkable ballistic qualities and not new at all (from 83 ‘ Roberto GAGLIARDINI 6.5 – Altruism and leg for the three of a kind assist)

Ivan PERISIC 6.5 – Rather evanescent for the first part of the match, join the party with the 3-1 goal.

Lautaro MARTINEZ 5.5 – Half a discordant note in the Nerazzurri party. Toro tries several times, but does not hit and misses a couple of easy chances for a player of his calubro (from 84 ‘ Federico DIMARCO SV)

Edin DZEKO 7.5 – Impalpable in the first half, he enters with a straight leg on the match putting his hand in the tie and above all with the fundamental goal of 2-1. From there he galvanizes himself and can even be seen in retreat. Super season start (from 70 ‘ Alexis SANCHEZ 5.5 – More smoke than roast)

Herds Simone INZAGHI 7 – His Inter knows how to suffer and hit as soon as the opponent lowers his guard. As great teams do. Great second half.

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Inter, what a show of strength: 3-1 comeback against Fiorentina


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Fiorentina-Inter, official: Dzeko-Lautaro in front, Darmian is back


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