Covid, Biden: “There will be another pandemic”

Covid, Biden: “There will be another pandemic”
Covid, Biden: “There will be another pandemic”

Fighting against Covid, but also “taking the necessary steps to prepare for the next pandemic“. This is what US President Joe Biden said in his speech to the UN, adding that” surely there will be another “. He also calls everyone together because there is the possibility that with the Coronavirus they develop “more violent or dangerous variants”.

In his speech Biden stressed that “many of the major challenges cannot be met with the strength of weapons, bombs and bullets cannot defend us from Covid and its future variants“.” To fight the pandemic, we need a collective act of science and political will – he added – we need immunizations as soon as possible and to increase access to oxygen, tests and treatments to save lives in the world “.

“We meet this year at a time of great pain mixed with extraordinary possibilities,” he said, remembering the victims of Covid around the world. “We have lost so much in this devastating pandemic that it continues to claim lives around the world and has a huge impact on our lives,” he said again, addressing the more than “4.5 million victims, from every nation, from every background “.


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