Electric cars, the situation in Japan: too many charging stations and few EVs

Electric cars, the situation in Japan: too many charging stations and few EVs
Electric cars, the situation in Japan: too many charging stations and few EVs

According to the Japan Times, charging stations are dwindling due to the shortage of Ev. In fact, in Japan only 1% of the cars on the road are electric

If in several countries the problem when it comes to electric is that there are few EV charging stations purchased, in Japan it is the exact opposite. All this despite the words of the Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, who promised a carbon neutral state by 2050. The filling stations in fact have multiplied since 2012 after government funding for almost 774 million euros, but the same cannot be say about electric vehicles. As reported by the Japanese newspaper The Japan Timesin fact, only 1% of green vehicles circulate in Japan, all at the expense of several unused and out of service charging stations (some of them have an average duration of eight years).

Charging stations are down

The daily also cites some data from the Japanese company Zenrin Co, according to which charging stations for electric vehicles fell to about 29,200 in March 2021, compared to over 30,300 in the same month in 2020. A first significant decline since 2010, the year in which the maps and software company began collecting data. “In 2022 or 2023, however, there should be a boom. In the future, it will be essential to place chargers in convenient locations for users and ensure that they do not expire all at once, so as to support the growth of electric vehicles,” he tried to reassure. Tsuyoshi Ito, head of the planning division at e-Mobility Power, a joint venture between Tokyo Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Co.


Meanwhile, despite some out-of-date infrastructures, work continues tirelessly to install more and more of them on Japanese roads. The aim is to have 150,000 EV charging stations by 2030 and, thanks to brands such as Tepco, 1,000 units will then be installed on Japanese motorways alone within four years. Although for Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota and president of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, limiting oneself to respecting only the projects can be problematic: “Avoid making the installation a simple objective – he said in a statement in June – If the topic it only affects the number of units installed wherever feasible, there will be low utilization rates and low levels of affordability. “

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