“If you want, you can avoid the increases.” The Prime Minister’s silence – Libero Quotidiano

“If you want, you can avoid the increases.” The Prime Minister’s silence – Libero Quotidiano
“If you want, you can avoid the increases.” The Prime Minister’s silence – Libero Quotidiano

Salvatore Dama

September 21, 2021

Matteo Salvini recalls Mario Draghi. The prime minister had promised that taxes would not be raised. And now the leader of the League asks the head of the government to respect his word. The priority of the Carroccio, explains Salvini, is to avoid the increase in electricity and gas bills: “Half of it is taxes, if it wants the government can do it immediately, cutting part of the VAT, I asked Dragons ». A blow on energy consumption is “out of the question”, assures the Captain: “Draghi had made a commitment with me not to raise even a tax. Someone, on the other hand, now would also like to increase the Imu, the tax on shops, houses and warehouses which is already more expensive than necessary. We cannot imagine an increase, but there are people who have these priorities ». Who? Salvini attacks the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement. “Let’s not leave the government in their hands, if they want to move Giuseppe Conte and Enrico Letta. We are here to watch. But we ask President Draghi for clear words »on the increases. “This is a duty on the part of the government, because families have to get up after a year and a half of Covid”.

The Quota 100 node

And it’s not just the energy bill. «It is unthinkable to increase the IMU. The house, in Italy, is already harassed. We will not allow any increases», Salvini reiterates. Which is ready to put its foot down also on pensions. The League wants to “confirm Quota 100 and remove citizenship income from those who do not want to work”. Economic aid “to those who cannot work is one thing, there the state has a duty to intervene, but we are giving away billions of euros not to those who refuse to work”. For Salvini, «Letta’s priorities are ius soli, the Zan ddl and free drugs. For me, however, the priorities of this country are not these, they are life choices ». The Democratic Party and the Five Stars want to cancel Quota Cento and confirm the citizenship income? “Which side the country goes will be seen in Parliament and the government. I do not vote for new taxes and I do not want them », the Northern League leader cut short. The Government League moves. The executive, announces the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, “Will make an emergency measure to try to reduce the impact” the rise in bills “on households, consumers and also on businesses”. Then, Giorgetti adds, “there is a whole issue of what energy to produce, how much to produce, how to consume it, which concerns the great choices we have made in Europe”, adds the minister. «We must be aware that this type of choice has a cost and we must decide how to distribute it. How energy is produced is not a trivial matter in terms of choice ».

Cdm during the week

During the day the premier Mario Draghi. But speaking of the maximum systems and escaping the specific question: how to avoid the energetic bloodletting. Faced with climate change, the head of government reflects, European countries are on their way to transition, but they start from different positions. “The countries of the North depend less on certain hydrocarbons than those of the South”, underlines the Prime Minister during the Eu Med 9 conference in Athens. Speaking of the social costs of the transition, Draghi embraces the fears of rising bills, which “They could be significant”. In all this “we must ask ourselves if the debt we will accumulate will be sustainable”. However, the topic is on the agenda, assures the former banker, and is the subject of discussion in Europe: “We have also discussed the increase in natural gas prices and the experiences of some countries”, he assures. The measures to avoid the sting of the bills should arrive in the council of ministers within the week. There is talk of an intervention between 3 and 3.5 billion euros, while the timeframe for the tax reform and the provision on competition is lengthening.

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