LIVE – Fiorentina-Inter 1-2, 80 ‘: final rush to the Franchi, Nico Gonzalez sent off

LIVE – Fiorentina-Inter 1-2, 80 ‘: final rush to the Franchi, Nico Gonzalez sent off
LIVE – Fiorentina-Inter 1-2, 80 ‘: final rush to the Franchi, Nico Gonzalez sent off

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Christian Liotta

September 22

FIORENTINA 1-2 INTER (23 ‘Subtle (S), 52’ Darmian (I), 55 ‘Dzeko (I))


81′ – Bad mistake by Inter in disengagement, Sanchez helps in the defensive phase defusing the danger.

78 & # 39; – Nico Gonzalez sensational nonsense being expelled! Warned by Fabbri, the Argentine, who claimed yellow for Bastoni, applauds the referee by calling red blatantly. The story wouldn’t end there if it weren’t for Calhanoglu’s intervention.

78 ‘- Fortuitous clash Nastasic-Lautaro, the Argentine says something to the Serbian then collapses to the ground. Getting up shortly after.

76′ – Dragowski gives the ball to Calhanoglu who serves Sanchez. From an ideal position, the Chilean sends very high.

74′ – Gonzalez with the left-handed, ball on the bottom. In Fiorentina, Saponara takes the place of Sottil.

73′ – Vecino’s cross in the void, ball intercepted by Amrabat.

70 ‘- Inzaghi relies on Sanchez, catechized by the sideline technician, and on Vecino: Dzeko and Barella out.

69′ – Gonzalez sleight of hand who flies forward, then great recovery by Perisic.

68′ -Dumfries enters with arrogance: recovery and assist for Lautaro who is blocked.

66 ‘- In the end Darmian leaves the field between the whistles: in Dumfries.

65′ – Great vertical action by Inter, Barella looks for Lautaro who hits the ball badly. In Fiorentina Amrabat and Odriozola enter for Torreira and Benassi.

62′ – Bastoni sends a dangerous ball for a corner. Darmian is booked for a bad foul on Duncan.

62′ – Gonzalez sends again for the lands Skriniar, a perpetual duel now between the two.

60′ – Cross thrown to the nettles of Sottil, Inter throw-in.

59′ – Risks Torreira with Lautaro, Milenkovic helps him by serving Dragowski.

58′ – Perisic wins a tackle in the area and kicks by not framing the goal. Inertia of the match completely reversed.

THE GOAL OF DZEKO: The corner he earned converts it into the goal of doubling with a masterful header.


55 & # 39; – Inter more dynamic after the equal goal: Dzeko finds a corner.

THE GOAL OF DARMIAN: Beautiful action triggered by Dzeko good at finding Barella. Launch for Darmian who, forgotten by Milenkovic, hits coldly and finds a heavy goal. The Var confirms that everything is ok.


51′ – Inzaghi prepares the first two changes: ready to enter Dumfries and Sanchez.

50′ – Inter persistent action that converts into a restart of the Viola, after a good advance by Bonaventura.

48′ – Lautaro is wrong, Vlahovic recovers the ball then he sins of selfishness by kicking high with two free teammates on his hips.

47′ – Conclusion from the edge of Benassi, ball blocked by the defense. Then Bastoni earns a punishment.

21.53 – Kick-off of the second half for Fiorentina: GET STARTED!

21.51 – The two teams return to the field for the start of the second half. There will be no changes.

INTERVAL – Fiorentina crowned with the goal of the advantage signed by Sottil an excellent first half hour of the match, where he did not understand anything at Inter attacking them immediately very high and creating several goal opportunities by finding unusual spaces in the Nerazzurri rearguard. Inter that grows in the last quarter of an hour, even if always with a few too many thrills. General performance to be reviewed.

47 ‘pt – The first half ends: Fiorentina at rest with a 1-0 lead thanks to Sottil’s goal.

46′ pt – Try Calhanoglu from the ground, high ball.

45′ – There will be a minute of recovery. Another weak attempt by Gonzalez, Handanovic without problems.

43′ – Fabbri recalls Italian, who protests for a Brozovic-Torreira duel in the middle of the pitch.

41′ – Inter’s bloody turnover, Bonaventura serves Sottil who throws weakly. Handanovic blocks.

40′ – Dzeko wants the one-two with Lautaro, Toro’s ball too deep with Dragowski who saves on exit.

39′ – Another Skriniar-Gonzalez clash, the Argentine has the worst.

37′ – Nastasic pushes Dragowski on a cross from Perisic, but the purple draw in his own goal is thwarted by the offside of the Croatian himself.

36′ – Vehement protests by Lautaro for an alleged touch of Biraghi’s arm, Fabbri does not intervene. The Var calls him back but then lets it go.

35′ – Gonzalez’s long-range attempt, Handanovic blocks.

34′ – Biraghi is anticipated by De Vrij and is desperate for the missed opportunity.

30′ – Dragowski overcame Calhanoglu’s free-kick and sent for a corner.

29′ – Do it on Lautaro close to the purple area, an interesting free kick for Inter.

27′ – Darmian makes a counter with Duncan, Fabbri intervenes.

24′ – Inzaghi claims for the foul on Skriniar, but the Var confirms the goal.

23 ‘- Fiorentina ahead! Sottil’s goal! Gonzalez overtakes Skriniar and flies to the wing then puts a ball in the area only for his team-mate to rest.

21′ – Darmian cross, Nastasic anticipates Dzeko. Then Barella loses the ball on the pressure of Gonzalez, action that ends with Duncan who kicks sending up a little.

18 ‘- This time Skriniar intervenes late on Gonzalez and Fabbri warns him.

16′ – Perisic crosses too much on Dragowski he controls.

13′ – Nico Gonzalez points to Skriniar, who with his usual big foot snatches the ball from the Argentine.

12′ – Yet another response from Handanovic about Biraghi’s angled shot. Leonino start of Fiorentina.

10′ – Lucky rebound on Vlahovic who shoots with a sure shot, Handanovic with a great reflex denies another goal to the Viola.

9′ – Corner wasted, Calhanoglu completely misses the cross.

8′ – Benassi is wrong, Perisic puts the ball back for Dzeko. On the developments, Barella earns a corner.

6′ – Try to leave Inter, Perisic anticipated by Benassi who earns a throw-in.

5′ – Gonzalez tries to return the assist for Vlahovic, the Serbian does not control and Handanovic saves.

4′ – Very high pressing of Fiorentina, Inter that fails to cross the half of the field. I start a little confused for De Vrij …

2′ – Immediately Handanovic! Vlahovic escapes De Vrij and sets for Gonzalez who is stopped by the captain. Then Biraghi kicks to the side.

20.48 – It will be Inter Milan to kick off the match: GET STARTED!

20.46 – The two former teammates Biraghi and Handanovic in midfield for the draw.

20.44 – Referees entering the field, followed shortly after by the two teams.

20.43 – Interview in the stands between Marotta and Joe Barone. Who knows that the two have not clarified after the verbal skirmishes of recent days …

20.42 – Teams in the locker room tunnel, while the benches take their seats.

20.40 – Warm-up concluded, in a few minutes the two teams will take the field.

MARKERS: 23 ‘Sottil (S), 52’ Darmian (I), 55 ‘Dzeko (I)

FIORENTINA: 69 Dragowski; 24 Benassi (65 ’29 Odriozola), 4 Milenkovic, 55 Nastasic, 3 Biraghi; 5 Bonaventura, 32 Duncan, 18 Torreira (65 ’34 Amrabat); 33 Sottil (74 ‘8 Saponara), 9 Vlahovic, 22 Gonzaléz.

On the bench: 1 Terracciano, 25 Rosati, 4 Martinez Quarta, 7 Callejon, 14 Maleh, 17 Terzic, 42 Bianco, 91 Kokorin, 98 Igor.

Coach: Vincenzo Italiano.

INTER: 1 Handanovic; 37 Skriniar, 6 De Vrij, 95 Bastoni; 36 Darmian (66 ‘2 Dumfries), 23 Barella (70’ 8 Most), 77 Brozovic, 10 Calhanoglu, 14 Perisic; 9 Dzeko (70 ‘7 Sanchez), 10 Lautaro Martinez.

On the bench: 21 Cordaz, 97 Radu, 5 Gagliardini, 11 Kolarov, 13 Ranocchia, 32 Dimarco, 33 D’Ambrosio, 38 Sangalli, 48 Satriano.

Coach: Simone Inzaghi.

Referee: Blacksmiths. Assistants: Costanzo – Sparrows. Fourth Man: Zufferli. WHERE: Maresca. Assistant VAR: Carbone.

Expelled: Gonzalez (F) in the 79th for a double yellow card.

Ammonites: Skriniar (I), Darmian (I), Gonzalez (F)

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