Castel Romano, the fear of toxic fires returns to the capital. “Lit by the nomads”

Castel Romano, the fear of toxic fires returns to the capital. “Lit by the nomads”
Castel Romano, the fear of toxic fires returns to the capital. “Lit by the nomads”

The fuse went off shortly after 11pm on Sunday night. The fire then walked quickly first through the grass and shrubs, then into the huge illegal dump of tires and scrap. The flames reached two meters high: the firefighters took over four hours to secure the area around the camp. Roman Castle, in the east of the capital. The high column of thick smoke was still visible yesterday morning around six between Pomezia and Ardea with the residents of the area worried about the strong smell of burning that was felt up to ten kilometers away. On the spot together with the firefighters, the traffic police who coordinated the extinguishing operations also intervened.
The intervention of four fire brigade vehicles was necessary and threw water and foam to prevent the fire line from advancing further and reaching the housing modules of the camp.

Castel Romano, fire started from the Roma camp

The safety operations were long and complex also due to the repeated explosions. According to the first investigations and from what has been reconstructed, the fire would have started from an abandoned car close to the Roma camp, towards the entrance of the Via Pontina. Experts and technicians are still working: “The trigger was certainly destroyed in the fire – explain the investigators – the flames have erased all traces. It will be difficult to identify the type of accelerant used. However, we managed to ascertain the starting point of the fire and we reconstructed the director of thefire, towards the perimeter of the field ».

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But in fact, of the machine from which the flames would have started, there is nothing left but the skeleton. The fire then spread to the area already seized last March (25). When the clearing operations of Area F were started. An operation that had been ordered by the Mayor Raggi for the “restoration of environmental, sanitary and sanitary conditions to protect public health”, was stated in the order. In the end, about thirty people had been removed, including minors. But also the entire area, about 65 thousand square meters, was subjected to preventive seizure by the Judicial Authority for a series of environmental crimes committed within it.

Rome, waste and scrub on fire near the Roma camp in via Salviati: smoke column invades the eastern districts of the capital

During the evacuation last March, the local police officers had therefore discovered the maxi dump behind the camp. Over time, a long moat became a cemetery, where in addition to tires, parts of cars, mufflers, engines and mopeds were stacked.
Precisely because of the high risk in the area, last May the Spe group (Emergency public security) of the Municipal police, had requested an intervention by the Municipality to clean up the area. A reclamation to clean up and secure the area.

Yet at the prompt of the SPE agents, there was no response: the landfill behind the Roma camp remained there, still expanding over the months. Until Sunday when the flames destroyed part of it. It is now on maximum alert along the perimeter of the nomad camp of Castel Romano. The fear is that other dangerous fires could light up in the maxi landfill.
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