Serie A, Bologna-Genoa 2-2: goals by Hickey and Destro and penalties by Arnautovic and Criscito

Serie A, Bologna-Genoa 2-2: goals by Hickey and Destro and penalties by Arnautovic and Criscito
Serie A, Bologna-Genoa 2-2: goals by Hickey and Destro and penalties by Arnautovic and Criscito

After a lackluster first half, in the second half the game livened up. Mihajlovic was sent off in the heat

Two penalties – with the second infuriating Mihajlovic (sent off for protests) – give the final 2-2 to a race that has often lit up and that could have changed a second from the end if Sirigu hadn’t played Superman in front of a pumpkin under the door and a sure shot by Soriano. Bologna and Genoa take a little step and substantially they have divided merits and demerits, feats and ingenuity, more or less qualitative goals and shots.

Minute and aggression

The beginning is a global embrace by the 9000 who populate the Dall’Ara: the tribute is obviously for Romano Fogli, who died at 83 and a timeless hero (with also goals in the play-off of ’64 won against Inter at the Olimpico of Rome) of a tricolor Bologna. Mihajlovic’s team plays with mourning on the arm remembering the one who was “Romanino” for everyone and after the minute of silence there is evidence of one thing: Bologna has resumed their will to play the game, the one that had been slightly set aside before Inter and then, right at San Siro, he “accompanied” the 1-6 to San Siro. Mihajlovic chooses to re-propose Orsolini and Barrow, Arnautovic continues his tour de force there in front and behind Medel and Bonifazi remain in the middle of the defense; Ballardini does not touch his device too much, so keeping Maksimovic in the middle of the defense and pitching his tents in the opponent’s area with Destro (former 4 years old here at Dall’Ara) and the revelation Kallon. Ballardini’s device is a 4-4-1-1 with Hernani behind Destro: the idea is clear and it is to press and attack Bologna, who see very little of the ball in the first twenty-five minutes. So much so that Kallon (1 ‘) and Cambiaso (Skorupski save) give meaning to the Genoa strategy. It is a legible Bologna that struggles to climb meters after meters: two occasions by Arnautovic (free kick, post parade by Sirigu on Dominguez’s shot) and Orsolini (telephoned shot at 43 ‘) give a sense of reaction which, however, leads to nothing.

Question and answer

In short, Genoa filled the first half, Bologna suffered it but at the dawn of the second half there is Hickey who breaks everything: Ballardini leaves Rovella on the bench and puts Behrami but his Genoa is lower than in the first half. Thus, a free-kick kicked by Barrow, with Arnautovic’s tower and Bonifazi’s hit countered, becomes Hickey’s goal, left diagonal that Sirigu does not see at 4 ‘st The advantage lasts six minutes because when Orsolini practically delivers the ball to Criscito, that’s it. that the former Zenit brushes a perfect cross for Destro’s head, a soft blow between Medel and Bonifazi and 1-1 at 10 ‘. Right then, 18 minutes, comes very close to the coup: Skorupski smanaccia the conclusion of the Genoa player with an almost miraculous action.

Sinisa expelled

Mihajlovic slips Vignato and Skov Olsen, Ballardini puts Pandev and the game loosens up a bit until Sirigu takes a header from De Silvestri (31 ‘, cross from Svanberg) and Bologna a penalty: Vanheusden obviously lands Samson, Arnautovic beats and is 2-1. They pass 4 ‘and Bonifazi (who first receives a blow from Behrami) almost landslide on Kallon in the area: Fourneau still gives a penalty, much more doubtful than the first, Criscito makes 2-2 and Mihajlovic gets sent off because he is not at all worthwhile. agreement. Over here? No, because Soriano can do 3-2 under goal but Sirigu foils everything: Superman is from Genoa.

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