“Salvation battle, in this moment …”. Is the situation getting out of hand? – Free Daily

“Salvation battle, in this moment …”. Is the situation getting out of hand? – Free Daily
“Salvation battle, in this moment …”. Is the situation getting out of hand? – Free Daily

A “battle of salvation”. TO Max Allegri all that remains is a bit of bitter irony. There Juventus he is in a crisis of play, points and identity. Two draws in 4 games, the worst Serie A start since the season 1961-62. And the technician from Livorno, welcomed as the savior of the homeland in Turin after the parentheses of Often e Pirlo, he was sensationally on trial. On Wednesday, in the midweek shift, the Lady will go to play Spice: “Talking about long-term goals makes no sense – explained Allegri at the press conference -, we need to focus on tomorrow, to see the ranking is a collision salvation. Let’s think about tomorrow, then we will see what we have done. ”Words that were all in all unforeseeable, until a few weeks ago.

You just have to make a win and maybe we will begin to see things differently – he pushes his Allegri -. With Milan the team made a good performance, but we have to improve because we are making too much mistakes, especially at the start of the second half. “The victory came, in Champions against the Malmoe, but it seems to have not reversed the trend of a team still too shy. “You have to win – insists the coach -, there is nothing to do because what matters is always the victory. The last time Juventus had 2 points in 4 games was 60 years ago, you need to win to see things. in another way”.

The background speaks of an agitated environment, with a “stolen” video that showed Allegri, at the end of the match with Milan, blatantly blaming one of his members: “screw nut they want to play in Juventus! “, he shouted before entering the locker room.” It is normal that I have a post-match outburst too that I am human“, the person concerned defends himself.” The reference is that those who go to the bench must be decisive when they enter, as an approach to the match. We can’t risk playing 10. It’s a sense of respect for those on the bench, of responsibility. We must be ready. When I was little they always told me that what matters is the pitch, it’s much simpler than it seems “.

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