“Party with rape drug”, the priest arrested in Prato is HIV-positive: the prosecutor also accuses him of attempted very serious injuries

“Party with rape drug”, the priest arrested in Prato is HIV-positive: the prosecutor also accuses him of attempted very serious injuries
“Party with rape drug”, the priest arrested in Prato is HIV-positive: the prosecutor also accuses him of attempted very serious injuries

The priest arrested in Prato for drugs and embezzlement, don Francesco Spagnesi, is also under investigation for attempted injury very serious. The new crime hypothesis formulated by the Public Prosecutor is linked to the seropositivity of the parish priest: the priest – it is hypothesized by the prosecutors – would not mention of his condition with some of the partners of the feasts that he would organize together with his own partner. The latter, also under house arrest, could be the first possible offended party of the new dispute. In her companion’s home – where the priest had lived permanently for two years – there was also one search of the mobile team disposed towards the religious after the new accusations.

At the parties, according to what was reported yesterday in the interrogation of guarantee by the priest, they would have participated regularly 20 or 30 people. Two of these, according to investigators, have already claimed to be HIV positive. Also there social danger of the possible behavior of the former parish priest of Castellina – position from which he was relieved of bishop of Prato at the beginning of September -, he pushed the prosecutor to investigate for this crime. Fr Spagnesi told the investigators that he had had protected relationships with partners. However, some of the 15 witnesses heard by the magistrates to date do so would deny. In order to carry out a criminally relevant conduct, according to the jurisprudence, it is necessary that the HIV positive person is aware of their state, having been diagnosed with HIV. The cleric had been aware of his positive state of the virus for many years, as he himself explained to investigators.

“The prosecutor is verifying a hypothesis, the dispute is not the subject of a precautionary measure and was formulated to ascertain some elements”, says one of the priest’s defenders, the lawyer Federico Fever. “This morning – he adds – the blood sample was also taken from his partner to check if he contracted the disease”. The seropositivity of Don Spagnesi, continues the lawyer, “was a known fact“. “The point – he specifies – is that for this accusation we need two assumptions, the first is that the person did not follow the therapies and was therefore contagious, the second is that he had unprotected intercourse”.

The cleric was involved in the drug investigation after the flying squad stopped his comrade, who was blocked after being picked up by a forwarder, a liter of Gbl, the so-called rape drug. According to the reconstruction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, this was supplied together with the cocaine to those present at the couple’s parties, which were held “every seven to ten days“. To buy it, the money from the offerings of the faithful would also have been used to whom the bishop asked forgiveness for not having protected them last Sunday, celebrating mass at Castellina. Yesterday, on the occasion of the interrogation, the religious, his defenders reported, expressed his opinion repentance, explaining that “the drug addiction he was so strong that he acted accordingly, he continually needed money ”and that“ there was an inner strength to which in the last two years of the relationship with his partner he could not resist: he was submerged by this serious addiction “.

Meanwhile, the bishop Giovanni Nerbini has appointed a new parish administrator for the church ofAnnunciation to the Castellina. This is the vicar general of the diocese, don Daniele Scaccini, who has already led the parish for 10 years. Now he will have “the task of accompany the community – still upset by the story – in pastoral activities “. Last night Don Scaccini met the faithful, who updated him on the commitments and initiatives planned. On the other hand, he will take care – pending a new appointment – of the liturgical service don Vincent Souly, of the church of San Paolo a Carteano, accompanied by the deacon Leonardo Bruni.

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