Third dose for everyone, Sileri’s prophecy about the vaccine – Time

Third dose for everyone, Sileri’s prophecy about the vaccine – Time
Third dose for everyone, Sileri’s prophecy about the vaccine – Time

Giorgia Peretti

September 21, 2021

Third dose, green pass and vaccine for under 12s. These are the themes on which Pierpaolo Sileri intervenes in the episode of Tuesday 21 September of “L’Aria che tira”. The undersecretary of health is a guest of Myrta Merlino, in the morning study program of La7. After the green light for the third administration of the anti-Covid vaccine for the frail and the elderly, one wonders when it will be time for other citizens. “When you don’t know – Sileri replies – Or rather the first studies we have today tell us that immunity drops in a certain type of patient and we are protecting them with the third dose. Likely it will happen for us others too, but when it will depend on science. Science will tell us if at 1 year, at 6 months, at 8 months, at 10 months. It is clear that the health personnel will have to do it first as well as the over 80s will have to do it first, slowly let’s say the categories will continue to drop “.

Then he continues commenting on the statements of the emergency consultant, Guido Rasi, who made known his position on tampons and green certificate: “I would remove the tampon from the green pass and leave it only for those who are vaccinated and those who have overcome the disease” . Undersecretary Sileri agrees but “politically and socially an option must be given”. “It is clear that as a doctor I think like Guido Rasi – he continues – you can swab now and in 6 hours maybe that swab is positive, even the swab technique may be imperfect and maybe you have tests that are imperfect. It is true that you have to give an option and in medicine you have to reduce the chances, you cannot bring them to zero. The green pass as it has been set up by us and by other countries allows exactly this with flexibility, meeting those who do not want to do it or cannot do it “. According to Andrea Crisanti, the buffer extended to 72 hours is “a serious risk”, the undersecretary says: “We are however in line with what Europe also said, that is 72 hours if I want to go to the United States today, you must always have the tampon in 72 hours “. Finally, on the hypothesis of a vaccine for the under 12s: “If the vaccine arrives for my children I will do it, as I did it to my nursing wife. We must rely on science, if the vaccine exists under the age of 12 and is safe and effective it must be done. It is true that we have had relatively few infections, let’s say, just under 1 million infections under the age of 19, but then there were also 33 deaths “.

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