those severe cases among doctors

those severe cases among doctors
those severe cases among doctors

PALERMO – Doctor is the one who cares, whatever his specific job. Doctor is the doctor, doctor is the nurse, doctor is the health care worker, doctor is the one who cleans the floor, with self-denial. Anyone who relieves suffering, in the places where it is gathered, is part of the same family. And it shares the risks.

The vaccinated operator is very serious

We told the story of a man of Health in very serious conditions for Covid. A young man vaccinated and hospitalized at Ismett. The head of Covid Intensive Care of the ‘Brain’, the doctor Baldo Renda, he said something to remember, which sounds like the underlining in front of an uncertain time: “Sooner or later we will have to vaccinate with the third dose. Giving priority to those who are most at risk, the frail and to those who, like us, are a health worker. Hoping that it is an updated vaccine against variants, present or possible “. We begin, with more force, to talk about the recall of the vaccine which has a very important meaning for everyone, but even more so for the frail and for those who fight in the Coronavirus trench. It is not possible, with certainty, to say why a vaccinated person contracts the severe form of the virus, whether for an already weak protection or for a lowering of the defense. But what happens in the world of health workers, the first immunized in order of time, is under observation.

Immunity decreases

“Immunity it decreases and the more it decreases so much easier it is that one can catch the infection with severe disease – confirms the professor Antonio Cascio, infectious disease specialist -. I am quite serene, generally a vaccinated can feel protected, but there are exceptions and fragile people who must be monitored, ready to intervene with the third dose “.

No alarm

There is no alarm signal from the Region. No serious cases are reported, apart from some isolated drama that ends up in the headlines. But it transpires that the infections among health professionals, however, are there, even if they are resolved in a few days. The outbreak seems to have returned to the 118 operations room.

Pain for a great doctor

We recently reported the news of the death of a great doctor, the doctor Leonardo Firm, also vaccinated. A decent person who has never stopped, with his family, explaining to everyone the immense value of vaccines. A testimony made clearer by his ability not to be overwhelmed by pain. Double administration is a shield. The third doses will be necessary, but let’s hurry. We do not leave those who care alone.

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