Zaia: “A newborn with Covid is serious in intensive care”

Zaia: “A newborn with Covid is serious in intensive care”
Zaia: “A newborn with Covid is serious in intensive care”

The president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia

A newborn hospitalized in serious condition in one of the intensive care units in the Veneto region. To give the news the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, during the update press conference on the Covid emergency. Without going into detail for the delicacy of the situation and privacy, revealed that the unvaccinated mother had tested positive for Coronavirus, then negativising herself. But evidently the virus had already infected the fetus. Initially the indication was to wait before vaccinating pregnant women – said Zaia -, now they are also pushing for vaccination of pregnant women.

I remain against the mandatory vaccine, we need information

I am not for the compulsory vaccine: which must be voluntary, but still true that a dialogue with the citizen is necessary – adds Zaia – who must be informed correctly, and instead, despite my many appeals to the governments that have succeeded one another during the epidemic, this information has not been there so far.

The campaign with one million doses for the elderly

We are ready with a million doses for the elderly and other categories such as health workers – explains Zaia -. The third dose of the vaccine must be urgently planned for the older adults, the over 80s, and then you have to go down by age groups. Scientists say that antibodies drop over time, so I think even doctors immunized nine months ago, who will have a drop in protection.. We cannot face the winter with the elderly and health workers with low antibody coverage. By adding warehouses in the Region there are a million doses of Pfizer and Moderna, but a “bug” needs to be solved: we are ready, but those who started with Astrazeneca, could ask for the third dose of the same serum, despite the heterologous vaccination being approved from Cts. The problem is that we, by choice, have not received any more for two months, he explained.

The request for thanks for Walter Onichini

My appeal to the head of state, who I know is a sensitive person, and I ask that the pardon be granted to Walter Onichini. the appeal launched by the Venetian governor in favor of the Paduan butcher held in prison in Venice for a sentence of 4 years and 10 months for having shot a thief, wounding him, who was trying to steal his car in the garden of his home. The governor pointed out that the only concrete fact that the free thief and Onichini in jail. I express my total closeness to him. It would be worth looking at why it happened, I think he panicked. Others in his situation would have escaped, others would have taken the first blunt object to hit him. The mitigating circumstances must be acknowledged. We are the country of impunity and to go to jail you have to make it really big. At least consider sending him to house arrest, concluded Zaia.

The divisions of the League on the Green pass and the Donato case

The League today is a great party. And, A large party is a cross-section of society and therefore I do not find it scandalous that there are those who have an opinion different from mine. We don’t have phone booth meetings anymore, this is a great party. Of course, then a summary must be made, Zaia then replied, answering the journalists’ questions regarding the differences of views within the League on the Green pass issue, and on the farewell of MEP Francesca Donato, according to which the League is too aligned with the positions of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. And the governor on the MEP then replied: I don’t know who he is. But I wonder if she would have become a member of parliament if she hadn’t run for the League.

Tosi candidate for Verona? I am not aware of it

To date there is nothing official and to make a choice like this, the National Council in the Veneto Region and decide on the name of the candidate of the Municipality as is always the case. This thing is not on the agenda for me. finally Zaia said on the possibility that the former mayor of Verona, who later escaped from the Carroccio, Flavio Tosi, would run as mayor of Verona with the support of the League. Zaia explained that the regional commissioner, Alberto Stefani dismissed him and could not do anything else, he did well.

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