curiosity and plot of the film with Marco D’Amore

curiosity and plot of the film with Marco D’Amore
curiosity and plot of the film with Marco D’Amore

Tonight on TV, Tuesday 21 September, will air on Italy 1 at 23:51 the movie “The Immortal” of the 2019. First feature film directed by the Italian director and actor Marco D’Amore. Among the protagonists in addition to D’Amore himself, Salvatore D’Onofrio and Marianna Robustelli.

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The plot

Ciro Di Marzio, played by Marco D’Amore, lives again on the big screen: we left him at the end of the third season of «Gomorrah – The series», killed by the gunshot of his brotherly friend Genny Savastano, forced to kill him in a final shock on the orders of Blue Blood. But since he is The Immortal, here he is again the protagonist: the film that tells his story begins with the image of his body sinking in the dark waters of the Gulf of Naples. And as it sinks deeper and deeper, memories surface. The sounds muffled by the water mingle with the screams of people fleeing. It is 1980, the earth trembles, the building collapses, but under the rubble you can hear the cry of a newborn still alive: his nickname was born just like that. Ten years later, we find that grown-up child, surviving as best he can on the streets of Naples, nobody’s son. Vivid memories of a criminal education that made him what he is: Ciro Di Marzio, the Immortal.

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Film based on cross-media that represents a bridge between the fourth and fifth season of the series. On its first day of programming in Italian cinemas, the film grossed € 602,973, becoming the best debut for an Italian film of the year, registering 87,000 admissions. In the first week of programming in Italian cinemas, the film grosses over 5 million euros, at the end of the month the film exceeds 6 million euros in box office. The film was the 15th grossing in the Italian box office of the 2019-2020 season.

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curiosity plot film Marco DAmore

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