UN, Biden calls for diplomacy after the clash over the Aukus agreement: “We also cooperate on the pandemic”. And on China: “We don’t want a new Cold War”

UN, Biden calls for diplomacy after the clash over the Aukus agreement: “We also cooperate on the pandemic”. And on China: “We don’t want a new Cold War”
UN, Biden calls for diplomacy after the clash over the Aukus agreement: “We also cooperate on the pandemic”. And on China: “We don’t want a new Cold War”

At his first speech atUnited Nations General Assembly as American president, Joe Biden delivers a speech that sounds like a definitive watershed between an era characterized by the interventionism, including military, of the United States to one in which from Washington they invoke peace and diplomacy to face the great contemporary challenges, from pandemic at the climate crisis, in a climate that is anything but favorable, after the clash with several allied countries, France first of all, on the partnership Aukus between the USA, Great Britain and Australia. Biden also rejects the accusations of those who say he wants to give the green light to one new Cold War with the China, but the moves and strategies put in place to date say that just Beijing is Washington’s new enemy on the global stage.

“Peace and diplomacy”, but the clash between the US and China is already underway
“My administration” wants to open “A new era of diplomacy” after the end of the war in Afghanistan and “will lead the world towards a more peaceful future“, The Dem began, specifying then, also in response to the words spoken a few minutes earlier by Secretary General Antonio Guterres, that the United States“ is not looking for a new Cold War and is ready to work with any nation that pursues peaceful decisions ”. Although, after announcing that “the US is ready to resume its seat at the UN human rights council next year,” he launched a dig at Beijing, stating that it is necessary to “denounce the human rights abuses like those against Uyghurs in Xinjiang Chinese and in Ethiopia“. These words come on the day in which the American security forces ended up on TV all over the world after the diffusion of the images showing agents of the border police of the Texas which reject i migrants arriving from Mexico using some whips.

The president’s idea, however, is to break with a past that saw the US physically present on the hottest and most strategic scenarios in favor of a new era made up of agreements, diplomacy and alliances that allow Washington to preserve and defend its own. leadership from the advance of Chinese power. “We must open a new era of diplomacy, of aid to support people around the world and to defend democracy,” Biden continued, explaining that it is necessary to work together to fight the pandemic, climate change and defend human rights. Only in the fight against terrorism the president maintained steadfastness by contemplating the use of force: “We will continue to defend ourselves against terrorism and use force if necessary, but as a last resort. And we must do it with the consent of the Americans and in consultation with our allies and our partners ”. And then announced a commitment from 10 billion dollars against world hunger and to invest in the food system in the US and abroad.

Pandemic and climate, the main challenges of the future
The collaboration requested by the American president will have to materialize first of all in the fight against the pandemic and climate change, indicated among the main and most urgent challenges also by Secretary General Guterres. Precisely for this reason, Biden anticipated that the US will announce “Further commitments” in the pandemic summit scheduled for tomorrow at the White House, while Washington also intends to double the contribution to the fight against climate change: “This will make the US a leader in financing,” he said, assuring him that he will work with Congress for this goal. The previous US pledge to finance climate vulnerable countries was $ 5.7 billion. And he assured that rich countries “will be able to achieve the goal of mobilizing 100 billion dollars”Per year as an action against global warming.

Aukus, Biden seeks reconciliation: “EU fundamental partner”
After the silence of the past few days, the words of the president regarding the new one were also awaited partnership Aukus which provoked a severe confrontation with France, which came to recall its ambassadors in Washington and Canberra for consultations. The agreement provides for the sale of nuclear-powered submarines of American production to Australia, an agreement that however resulted in the cancellation of a previous contract from 56 billion euros between the prime minister’s country Scott Morrison e Paris. This last decision infuriated the French executive, also supported by the European institutions and, in the last few hours, also by the Germany: “The EU is our key partner in climate and security challenges,” Biden said, adding that the US will use multilateral institutions to address global challenges, including those in the Indo-Pacific area. An area that particularly worries Washington, and which is the subject of the Aukus agreement, due to the rise of China.

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