The drug of rape for the clients of Roma bene: 6 arrests

The drug of rape for the clients of Roma bene: 6 arrests
The drug of rape for the clients of Roma bene: 6 arrests

Chinese channels to bring synthetic drugs to Rome, from Tuscany, which were then sold to two different customers. A division almost by social class, but also ethnic. On the one hand there was a group run by a 25-year-old from Bangladesh who ran the so-called ‘Marconi battery’ and sold shaboo, the Asian methamphetamine, to carers and traders.

On the other, a 32-year-old Roman who, together with his partner, ran the Appio group that brought drugs to the customers of ‘Roma bene’, the ‘rape drug’, in a delivery style delivered directly to homes in the center of Rome, in buildings between piazza Navona and piazza Venezia. Among the customers here were professionals, sportsmen and even a well-known university professor.

The two group leaders, together with a 30-year-old Chinese who was shuttling from Tuscany to Rome carrying the high, ended up in prison at the end of an operation by the carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Rome, in the investigation coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Giovanni Conzo and by the pm Francesco Basentini who led to 6 precautionary measures: in addition to three in prison, also two under house arrest and an obligation to sign.

How the group was structured

The 30-year-old Chinese woman, according to investigations, was taking drugs to Termini. He often came by train. The carabinieri had been monitoring her for some time, since the Vento d’Oriente operation, arresting her at the railway yard last October with over a thousand doses of shaboo in tow. From the investigations and the analysis of the chat of the cell phone used by the woman, it was thus possible to draw the picture of what was the shop in Rome.

The social classes of the high

The organization, as mentioned, was divided into two groups: one was in charge of supplying the ethnic communities between Marconi and Monteverde Nuovo, selling mainly shaboo, while the other group, headed by a thirty-year-old Italian, managed the Ghb shop. the ‘rape drug’ for Italian customers, willing to spend 7-800 euros for 100 ml of narcotics.

Different customers. Different stories. Emblematic in this case are the interceptions contained in the ordinance. In one, the 25-year-old drug dealer from Bangladesh deals with a client of his. The conversation is about a possible discount. Buyers want to close the deal for 20 euros. Who sells at 25 or “skips everything”. After a long negotiation, an agreement is reached, 20 euros plus two remaining, in 20-cent coins. Negotiations to save something and grab the high that makes the job perform better. Filipino carers or shop assistants in ‘bangla-markets’, the profiles of those who bought the shaboo and went to get it from the pusher.

The rape drug in Rome well

Different for the customers of the Roma well. The drug dealers delivered the drugs to their doorstep directly with the sharing scooters present in the Eternal city. The delivery took place during the period in which the ‘curfew’ for the Covid emergency was in force. The substance was the so-called rape drug which, unlike shaboo, loosens inhibitions. Substance that – it is not excluded – could also have been used in several private parties that, during the lockdown, took place in the city.

Who were the customers

Among the customers, about fifteen those identified by the carabinieri, of which 8 reported as consumers, to whom the drug was delivered were, a doctor, a well-known university professor, a martial arts athlete. But also dancers and professionals. The contacts took place via whatsapp where the substances were called ‘Water’ or ‘Mafalda’ to identify the shaboo, ‘Gina’ for the rape drug, ‘Tina’, ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Carla’ or ‘Riso in bianco’ for cocaine and ‘Pizza cotta’ for cooked cocaine.

The turnover, that of Italian customers, was very high and we investigate to reconstruct all the contacts of the organization and which were the main supply channels. During the investigation, a girl was also stopped in front of Palazzo Madama, she was also in charge of delivering the ‘rape drug’. In that case, to determine who the customer was. Investigations continue.

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