Bye Sweet Carole announced, is the new adventure game by Chris Darril –

Bye Sweet Carole announced, is the new adventure game by Chris Darril –
Bye Sweet Carole announced, is the new adventure game by Chris Darril –

Chris Darril, known for the horror series Remothered, has announced a new interactive adventure call Bye Sweet Carole, fully hand drawn. The gameplay of the game will resume that of some classics such as Heart of Darkness, Another World and Flashback, adding elements of survival horror inspired by titles such as Clock Tower, Haunting Ground, Alone in the Dark and Remothered itself.

The source of inspiration for the graphic style are the classics of Disney like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, but with a decisive turn towards more adult and disturbing atmospheres, as is well explained in the official press release:

Don’t be fooled by appearances, fairytale-like and dreamlike, and thrilling orchestral soundtrack, Chris Darril’s “Bye Sweet Carole” will tell a touching but also terrifyingly disturbing story.

You will feel like reliving the beloved adventures of the 90s, reviewing the films that marked your childhood, yet ending up dragged into a new videogame universe that will bewitch and captivate you.

“Bye Sweet Carole” has no intention of resembling a fairy tale or a traditional animated film since it is a fairy tale as well as a traditional animated film to which, however, unlike the ones we have come to love over the years , discounts and complaints will not be applied to the contents and issues addressed.

Let’s see some of the first images by Bye Sweet Carole and let’s read some details on plot of the game:

The very young Lana Benton, pushed by the disturbing Mr. Kyn, also known as “Old Cylinder”, finds herself catapulted into a mysterious enchanted garden, to face threatening and disturbing creatures, while, even after the discovery of multiple missives by a certainly “French”, he follows the last traces of Carole Simmons, a peer apparently escaped from Bunny Hall, a 19th century orphanage now infested with colonies of wild rabbits that would have opened a dimensional passage towards the kingdom of Corolla.

Currently they have not been announced platforms for Bye Sweet Carole and the release date is unknown. We will notify you of the missing details in due course.

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