Alberica Brivio Sforza new guide of Lombard Odier’s private in Italy

Alberica Brivio Sforza new guide of Lombard Odier’s private in Italy
Alberica Brivio Sforza new guide of Lombard Odier’s private in Italy

Alberica Brivio Sforza is the new managing director for Lombard Odier’s Private Banking activities in Italy. The manager is responsible for the Group’s Italian office with the aim of continuing to strengthen the presence of Italian customers and the commercial development of local Private Banking activities in Italy. Alberica takes over the reins of Giorgio Riccucci who has left the company.

A bank with 225 years of history

Banca Lombard Odier & Co SA, a Geneva-based wealth management company, is wholly owned by the managing partners and has a 225-year history of innovation and offering investment support to its clients. As of June 2021, the Group managed total client assets of 352 billion Swiss francs. Lombard Odier has a strong international presence and Italy represents a strategic market for the Bank.


Strong experience in high standing customers

Alberica Brivio Sforza has been working in the banking sector for over 20 years. He began his career in the institutional world, working between Milan and London, in particular on the New York Stock Exchange, before reorganizing and developing the international activities of Longview Partners AM. In 2010 she joined Julius Baer Italia SpA as head of strategy and business development. Subsequently, she was Head of Wealth Management for five years, responsible for UNHWI and HNWI relations at BNP Paribas. In 2016 he was appointed Managing Director of Wealth Management of JP Morgan International Ltd in Milan, managing a team of senior bankers. During his career, Alberica contributed to the start-up phase of Antfactory, a Venture Capital fund in London, where he developed an important network of commercial partners, intermediaries and investors throughout Europe, and in that of Sator Group, a fund of Private Equity in Italy, where he managed the strategy and structure of Sator Private Equity and Hedge Funds.

Alberica Brivio Sforza is based in Milan and will report to Henry Fischel-Bock, CEO of Lombard Odier (Europe) SA (LOESA) and Stephen Kamp, Head of Southern Europe & Latin America in the Private Clients unit.


Alberica Brivio Sforza guide Lombard Odiers private Italy

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