Brothers of Italy: “Concerning the Pnrr, doubts and uncertainties, we asked many questions to get answers”

Brothers of Italy: “Concerning the Pnrr, doubts and uncertainties, we asked many questions to get answers”
Brothers of Italy: “Concerning the Pnrr, doubts and uncertainties, we asked many questions to get answers”

The seminar organized this afternoon in the Senate by Brothers of Italy in collaboration with Parliamentary Radio. Participating in the meeting were the Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, as well as various parliamentarians from FdI, representatives of local authorities and sector representatives from productive Italy.

Fratelli d’Italia, seminar on recovery

For the group leader in the Senate of the Brothers of Italy, Luca Ciriani, «The PNRR is a plan that did not find in the Chamber the place for its adequate discussion, as it should have been. It was discussed between 2020 and 2021 but above all in the media and we know that this very issue caused the fall of the Conte bis government and the birth of the Draghi one. But we also know that European resources and funding will not arrive unless significant structural reforms are carried out by our heterogeneous government, such as those on taxation, public administration and justice ».

“On the first two there is still no trace, on the third we have witnessed a pale reform of the criminal process and something we should see on the civil one. The fact remains that as an opposition force our role is to ask questions and get answers, and this is what we intend to do with appointments like the one we are promoting today ».

De Bertoldi (FdI): “There are still many doubts about the Pnrr”

«On the PNRR – underlined the organizer of the seminar, the senator Andrea de Bertoldi of FdI – many doubts, uncertainties and concerns remain. Our seminar had the objective of understanding what is missing so that this huge amount of money, which I remember being in debt for two thirds, is not exploited less than expected. We ask the government to immediately set up a steering table not only for the implementation of the Program but also to give functionality to what are the parallel lines to the NRP, that is the reforms through which the plan will be able to fully develop its potential. For the tax reform, for example, we doubt that we want to do it by financing its coverages, which currently amount to only 3 billion, through a new taxation on real estate. The tax reform is welcome but we are obviously opposed as an opposition political force to implement it with a withdrawal from the pockets of the Italians with a sort of assets ».

Marco Marsilio: “Regions and local authorities were not involved”

According to the president of the Abruzzo Region, Marco Marsilio, “The Regions and Local Authorities, which are the main implementing bodies of the NRP, were not involved by the government. If you think that the PNRR arises from the pandemic to secure health care, the 6 billion allocated are absolutely insufficient, taking into account that only one would be needed for Abruzzo, and it is also necessary to reduce the infrastructural gap not only between north and south but it also goes east and west, between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic coasts ».

Castelli: “The approach of the PNRR betrays its centralist vocation”

According to the Head of Local Authorities of FdI, Guido Castelli, “The PNRR approach betrays its centralist vocation in the name of hurry up, let’s do it quickly, when instead to make effective reforms you need a time to compensate, in short, you need the right time”.

Brothers of Italy, Colosimo on small municipalities

For the Lazio regional councilor of FdI Chiara Colosimo “The NRP does not contemplate the possibility for small municipalities to access the funds of the plan, when it is known that our national territory has its own backbone in the smallest realities”.

Brothers of Italy, Bignami: “Restructuring the Pnrr”

For the deputy of FdI Galeazzo Bignami “It is necessary to proceed with an overall restructuring of the NRP, the concept of resilience is not a concept that particularly exalts and that is why we believe that a cultural change is necessary, understood as a form of restructuring to make Europe a protagonist again, we must ensure that it is Europe at the service of Italy and not its opposite ».

Urso: “Italy is a nation of 8 thousand municipalities”

For the president of Copasir adolph bear “Italy is a nation of 8,000 municipalities whose skeleton is represented by small and medium-sized enterprises. We must make everyone participate in the development process, not all protagonists but certainly all participants. Achieving 42 reforms in 100 days is certainly not easy and for this reason the involvement of the Parliament is necessary, starting from the assumption that Italy must also pass from a late industrial to a digital economy, without giving up its industrial vocation and addressing the challenge of the transformation phase of the next decades “.

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