Who is Marco Muro Pes, candidate for president of the IX municipality for the Calenda mayor list

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September 20, 2021 10:15 am


Marco Muro Pes, born in Rome 64 years ago, has lived in Municipio IX for 22 years. He is an architect with experience in industrial, logistics and residential design. He was for 4 years, until 2017, President of the Institute Council of the Liceo Peano in a moment of particular criticality, internal (collapse of a false ceiling, closure of the school, surplus of students, etc.) and external (passage of deliveries from the Province to the Metropolitan City, launch of the “Good School” Law and alternation between school and work, etc.).

Active in local associations for over 15 years, he has been involved in environmental protection and mobility, especially (but not only) in the northern quadrant of Municipio IX, around the natural area of ​​the Cecchignola ditch.

Always a convinced pro-European, with a brief participation in Italia dei Valori (1998), he began his political commitment with + Europe in 2018. He subsequently joined Action, the party founded by Carlo Calenda, right from the start (2019), forming the Group of Municipio IX and becoming its referent.

Interview with Marco Muro Pes, candidate for president for the Calenda Mayor list


Marco Muro Pes candidate president municipality Calenda mayor list

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