Cheapest supermarkets in Italy: ranking 2021

Cheapest supermarkets in Italy: ranking 2021
Cheapest supermarkets in Italy: ranking 2021

Shopping in the cheaper supermarkets allows savings of up to 1,700 euros per year. To say it is Altroconsumo, which conducted a survey on more than 1,000 supermarkets scattered around 70 Italian cities, taking into consideration approximately 1.6 million prices and 125 product categories.

The choice of the supermarket or the discount store based on the type of shopping you want to do can allow you to save very high amounts in a year, and although it is often more convenient to go to the local store, sometimes it may be more convenient to move slightly : let’s see what the cheaper supermarkets and where they are located in Italy, according to the results published in 2021.

Supermarkets: where to shop (and where not)

According to the Altroconsumo survey, in 2021 the city where you save the most at the supermarket is Rovigo. Here, by choosing the right store, you can save up to € 1,720 per year. Then they stand out Reggio Emilia e Modena, where you can save up to 1523 euros, and Brescia e Ravenna, with € 1400 savings.

The survey also revealed that the citizens of the North they have a greater chance of saving by choosing the right supermarket or discount store than those in the South, who instead have less choice and therefore also a lower chance of saving. To give an example in Potenza, Sassari, Reggio Calabria and Foggia by going to the cheapest supermarket you can get to save only 2%, while in the North it is possible to reach an annual saving of 20%.

Cheapest supermarkets in Italy 2021

In the Altroconsumo report, the ranking of supermarkets and discount stores cheapest in 2021 taking into consideration the various chains and dividing them according to three types of expenditure: economic, mixed O brand .

Starting from the most common among Italian families, that is mixed which consists in buying branded products to those with the logo of the supermarket or lesser known brands, the cheapest turns out to be Eurospin, while the least convenient is Todis. As for the economic expense, the supermarket to choose for shopping is Aldi, while also in this case the least convenient is Todis. Finally taking into consideration the brand shopping in first place among the most convenient supermarkets we find Carrefour e Conad space.

The cheapest supermarkets in Rome

A Roma the maximum saving on the shopping cart is found in different points of sale, where it amounts to 1,055 euros per year. In the capital to prevail in the ranking of the most convenient supermarkets are the Iper Triscount and the Dem supermarkets, even if the first position is occupied by Carrefour.

Here’s what they are and where they are cheaper supermarkets in Rome:

  1. Carrefour – Dima Shopping Bufalotta, via della Bufalotta 548
  2. Conad space – via Alberto Lionello 201
  3. But Supermarkets – via Padre Semeria 58
  4. Pam Superstore – via Gian Filippo Usellini 287, Acilia
  5. Esselunga Superstore – viale Palmiro Togliatti 1021
  6. Iper Triscount – via Salaria 1380
  7. Iper Triscount – via dell’Arco di Travertino 88
  8. Dem Supermarkets – via Casilina 769
  9. Dem supermarkets – via delle Cave 99
  10. Effepiù Supermarkets – via Dobbiaco 1

Cheapest supermarkets Milan 2021

A Milano it is possible to get to save up to 1.322 per year by choosing the right supermarket, specifically, here is the ranking of the cheapest points of sale:

  1. Iperal – viale Monza 241
  2. Hyper Fiordaliso – via Eugenio Curiel 25, Rozzano
  3. Sazio Conad – via Palmiro Togliatti 4, Rescaldina
  4. Bennet – via Luigi Sturzo 1, Cesano Boscone
  5. Conad Space – via Padana Superiore km 292, Vimodrone
  6. Il Gigante – via De Amicis 2, Cinisello Balsamo
  7. Bennet – Viale Monza 267
  8. Carrefour Market – Ss Emilia km 312, Vizzolo Pedrabissi
  9. Carrefour Market – via Carlo Fanini 79)
  10. Esselunga Superstore – via Carlo De Angeli 1

Cheapest supermarkets Turin 2021

A Torino shopping in the right supermarket allows for a maximum annual saving of 923 euro, much lower than Milan, but quite similar to that of Rome.

Here the most convenient stores of 2021 appear to be, in order:

  1. Carrefour – Corso Montecucco 108
  2. Carrefour – Via Crea 10, Grugliasco
  3. Bennet – Via Verolendo 17
  4. Ipercoop Parco Dora – via Livorno 51
  5. Market – Via Leini 42a
  6. Esselunga – Corso Traiano 131
  7. Market – via Carso 10
  8. Market – via Sandro Botticelli 114
  9. Market – via Sant’Ambrogio 21
  10. Pam – corso Traiano 58

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