“We will reopen when we can do it at full capacity”

“We will reopen when we can do it at full capacity”
“We will reopen when we can do it at full capacity”

The Circle Magnolia of Milan, over the years home to countless concerts and metal festivals, has issued the following press release:

“It has been a fantastic season, full of satisfaction, joy and happiness.
It would be great to be able to use these words to describe these last few months, it would also be great to be able to say, as always, that we will meet again soon.
Unfortunately this is not the case.

This is not the case for several reasons, these 18 months have been challenging to say the least, they have been months in which we have done everything possible. To give a signal, we tried to open in the winter season, always in full compliance with all the provisions related to the public entertainment, we did not make it, with the introduction and the decision to respect the curfew we could not.

We decided to give another signal this summer, recreating a season made up of concerts, shows, talks, book presentations, sessions, distancing and masks. It was a necessary signal, a duty for the city and the territory, it was a decision taken without doubts, as there was no doubt in the desire to respect every single detail of every decree.

We hoped that with the introduction of the green pass there would be a new season of outdoor live events, which would be a tool to return to safe concerts without distancing or sitting – as happened at the abroad – while it was simply a further limitation added to the previous provisions.

It was difficult, complicated and full of obstacles, but it was another summer in which we managed to take away numerous gratifications, we opened up to new horizons made not only of music. It would certainly have been a worse summer if we hadn’t had the company of each of you and to every single person who came, who collaborated with us, who moved even just one chair, we feel like saying a huge THANK YOU.

To those who ask us if we will meet again soon, unfortunately we have to answer that it will not be so. The only way you will see our open doors again will be when the green pass will give us the opportunity to fill the Magnolia to its full capacity, without spacing or seating.

We have always fought for the respect of the rules and for this reason – reluctantly – we are forced not to open during the autumn season; because respecting the current rules does not in any way give the possibility of surviving a reality like ours.
In this year and a half we are sure that we have given every possible signal, but now we can no longer afford to “live” on gestures and intentions, the time has come for the signal to come from those who can literally change things.

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