Denise Pipitone, Maria Angioni “Tunisian track scares” / “Girl escaped control”

Denise Pipitone, Maria Angioni “Tunisian track scares” / “Girl escaped control”
Denise Pipitone, Maria Angioni “Tunisian track scares” / “Girl escaped control”

Maria Angioni, a former prosecutor who followed the case relating to the disappearance of Denise Pipitone from 2004 to 2005, made some clarifications regarding the story of that little girl, now a girl, who would have embarked on the ferry to Tunisia on 2 September 2004. carried out through an interview with Maria Grazia Sarrocco, journalist of “Italian Stories”, a portion of which was broadcast this morning, Monday 20 September 2021. Theformer magistrate has announced that he has not received news from a mythomaniac, but it is certain information.

Angioni even added: “I was almost scared when I realized that there had been a departure of one minor who is not registered in the registryee that it had escaped the controls. Let’s go and see all the other departures, let’s check the passenger lists to understand who they are “.


“This source relating to Tunisia is interesting – added Angioni –, but you continue to report. On December 23 I was sentenced to trial, but now that has nothing to do with it. We must continue to search “. Moreover, thelawyer Frazzitta, Piera Maggio’s lawyer, will now have thirty days to oppose the filing for Anna Corona and Giuseppe Della Key, presented by the Public Prosecutor of Marsala on 4 September, as it highlighted that the statements contained in the emails were completely false. Basically, the person who would have seen Mr. Della Key take the train with his partner and a child would have testified the false.

In these four months, apparently, no further important elements have emerged for Corona and Della Key. With regard to the testimony of Battista Della Key, the lawyer of Giuseppe Della Key stressed that the modalities with which the interrogation took place were not suitable: “What does it still take to rehabilitate the image of my client? Does it take, I don’t know, divine justice? “. Further space should be reserved for this story during tomorrow’s episode of “Italian Stories”.



Denise Pipitone Maria Angioni Tunisian track scares Girl escaped control

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