The horror story: “I threw the baby, then pizza and coffee …”

The horror story: “I threw the baby, then pizza and coffee …”
The horror story: “I threw the baby, then pizza and coffee …”

Suddenly I took him in my arms and went out to the balcony …. when I came outside with the child in my arms, I leaned over and dropped the baby. I immediately heard screams coming from below and I was scared aware that I was the cause of what was happening …“. These are the words of the confession of Mario Cannio, the 38-year-old from Naples accused of murdering the baby Samuel Gargiulo.

The child fell from the balcony of his house, in the Sanità district. A flight of fifteen meters. On Saturday the carabinieri stopped Cannio, who initially admitted that he was on the balcony with the child, but denied having dropped him. In the second interrogation he confessed, trying to justify himself by saying he had “a dizziness”. To shock is the story of the following hours: “After the fall I fled the house and went to eat a pizza in the Sanità, which I don’t remember, then I returned to my home. I lay down on the bed and started thinking about what had happened, then I went down and went to a bar in via Duomo and got a cappuccino and a croissant, then I went home“Now Cannio, who despite the absence of precedents is.”a man of marked danger“According to the investigating judge Valentina Gallo, he is in prison because he is”there is a real danger that the suspect, if left at liberty, may again be prepared for the commission of crimes of the same kind“, reads the ordinance.

Mario Cannio was the servant who took care of the Gargiulo house. The man – grandson of Enrico Cannio, author of “‘O surdato nnammurato” – had long been in charge of cleaning various apartments in the neighborhood. Apparently he was in psychiatric treatment in the past. A few hours after the tragedy, a TikTok video shot by Cannio himself appeared on the web, in which little Samuele is filmed saying: “I’ll just throw you down. You are a lot, I throw you down because you are crap“. A phrase heard by someone, probably by the servant himself. The suspects of the investigators had immediately concentrated on him, also because it immediately appeared implausible that the child had thrown himself downstairs on his own. little Samuele, Cannio had disappeared and it was the carabinieri who found him at home.


horror story threw baby pizza coffee

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