the trapper kicked out of the clubs of Rome

the trapper kicked out of the clubs of Rome
the trapper kicked out of the clubs of Rome

The Roman trapper Elia 17 Baby, already known in the news for being arrested in March, spent a Saturday evening full of fights and quarrels. As told by himself on social media, he would have been expelled from various clubs in the capital for his aggressive and exalted behavior.

Beatings, insults, throwing ashtrays and threats of ‘puncicate’ in discos. The trapper Elia 17 Baby, already known in the news for his arrest on suspicion of drug dealing after he was found at home with 1500 doses of hashish and various types of weapons, he spent Saturday night fighting in the clubs of Rome and being kicked out of the security personnel. To report the news, Il Messaggero. The night of madness began in a well-known club in Mandrione, where the trapper was expected to perform. Some people in the audience threw ice cubes at him, he responded by throwing an ashtray. Removed from security, he decided to look for other places to continue the evening. But things have not evolved in a positive sense, quite the contrary. “Kicked out of the second nightclub of the evening. Now let’s see what happens to the third “. Even here it is no better: brawl against four Spanish tourists who in the end leave him alone.” You come from Spain to play 4 against 1: I also have to behave well in that disco, because otherwise you know it how many puncicate did you take? “.

The arrest in March for drug dealing

As mentioned, that of Elia of Genoa it is not a new name to the news (and especially to the police). Last March he was arrested by agents of the Villa Glori police station on charges of detention for the purpose of drug dealing.He had about 1500 doses of hashish in his house, ready for the accusation to be sold, as well as two thousand euros in cash. , several knives, and a snatch gun. For the lawyers of Elia 17 Baby it would not be a matter of dealing but of personal use since no tools for the division of the narcotic were found in the house. But for those who investigate the suspicion is that Di Genova “usually runs a well-organized hashish sale business and has regular contacts with subjects capable of supplying him with large quantities of substance”.


trapper kicked clubs Rome

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