Tesla closes referral program for its passenger cars

Tesla closes referral program for its passenger cars
Tesla closes referral program for its passenger cars

Tesla has decided to officially close his programma referral dedicated to cars. The American carmaker has never invested directly in classic marketing tools to advertise its models. The manufacturer has always relied on different solutions. One of these was, in fact, his referral program which in the past has been very successful. Basically, every customer had it available a single link which, if used for the purchase of a new car, allowed to obtain a premium. Recognition extended also to the new buyer.

Over time, that program had even allowed win new cars. However, the success of this initiative had become a burden, economically speaking, for Elon Musk’s company. Suffice it to say that the company, as of today, should deliver 80 new Roadsters for free to those who obtained them through the referral program.

Precisely because of this, the prizes have started to change over time. Elon Musk, a couple of years ago, had already talked about closing the program but in the end he had only decided to downsize it. Until a few days ago, every car sold through the link was entitled to 1,500 km of free charging at the Superchargers for both the old and the new customer.

Now, however, the definitive closure of the referral program arrives. With a brief communication, Tesla has made it known that from 18 September no more prizes will be offered.

We would like to thank all of Tesla’s loyal supporters who help us achieve our mission every day by sharing their enthusiasm for Tesla with friends and family. In 2020 alone, Tesla owners helped accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy by avoiding CO2 equivalent emissions of 5 million tons. Starting September 18, 2021, until further notice, we will not be offering Referral Rewards in your geographic area.

A choice that, however, does not surprise that much. Tesla no longer needs similar initiatives to sell its cars. Also, by eliminating the referral program, the company will be able to cut costs of the Supercharger network given that the number of people who will be able to recharge for free will gradually decrease. In any case, when we talk about Tesla we know very well that nothing is ever definitive. Precisely for this reason it would not be strange that in a few months Elon Musk decides to resurrect the referral program, perhaps offering other types of rewards.

It must be said, however, that the referral program for the Solar Roof is still active.

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