Tax reform, important news in the fight against tax evasion

Tax reform, important news in the fight against tax evasion
Tax reform, important news in the fight against tax evasion

As part of the fight against tax evasion, the tax authorities could soon have the green light to really know everything about us. Here’s what’s going on.

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The money it doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it definitely helps solve a lot of problem situations. It is therefore not surprising that money often ends up at the center of discussions, as well as of controls by the institutions. In particular, in the presence of suspicious movements, the Tax Authority immediately gets to work in order to be able to identify possible crimes of tax evasion.

As is known, the various transactions, incoming and outgoing, on the current account generally end up under the magnifying glass of the Revenue Agency. But not only that, the government is working to increase the powers of the institute, so that it can also access the data from other branches of the public administration. A sort of Big Brother, with the tax authorities that could really know everything about us in this way.

Fight against tax evasion, the tax authorities know everything about us: what to expect

While in Italy we continue to discuss vaccines andthe Green Pass is mandatory even in the workplace, the government continues undisturbed to work for the next one tax reform, which should bring with it some important news. In particular, based on the latest rumors, it seems that the purpose is to allow the tax authorities to really know everything about us, starting from small expenses up to the most important ones.

A kind of Tax Big Brother, aimed at countering evasion, but which could in many cases lead to risk sensitive data of millions of Italians. The aim, in fact, would be to revolutionize the methods of use by the Revenue Agency of the data in its possession. To these, in fact, the government intends to add also those of the other branches of the public administration. A decision that would allow the tax authorities to be able to easily check and cross-reference all “sensitive data” Italians.

To date, if you think about it, there is really a lot of information about whichRevenue Agency is in possession. These include, for example, those of current accounts, expenses for education, but also utilities for electricity, gas and telephony, as well as any veterinary and funeral expenses and checks for the spouse. All important data, which allow the tax authorities to define the profile economic and assets of a subject and carry out checks in the event of suspicious movements.

The role of the Privacy Guarantor

At the same time, in order to protect the privacy of citizens, the work of the Revenue Agency is currently partially limited by the intervention of the Privacy Guarantor. Indeed, the latter has already intervened on several occasions to block any claims that could jeopardize the sensitive data of taxpayers. Precisely to overcome this obstacle, therefore, the government would be ready to introduce an ad hoc rule.

The latter would allow the tax authorities to be able access as much information as possible, also thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. All this could be achieved without the Inland Revenue being forced to ask for the go-ahead from the guarantor authority. A situation, the latter, which could occur in the event that the powers of the guarantor himself are reduced. To this end, however, the “Code regarding the protection of personal data” should be amended. A scenario, the one that lies ahead, which would end up seeing the Fisco ready to get hold of all our data.

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A fight, that of tax evasion, which would therefore end up damaging in many cases the right to privacy. A topic, that of the protection of sensitive data, which is constantly discussed, also because of the Green Pass, but for which it does not seem possible to find a solution capable of guaranteeing the rights of all citizens, without distinction. At the moment, however, nothing has yet been decided regarding the Tax Reform. All that remains is to wait and see what the government’s next moves will be in this regard.

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