Hellas Verona-Roma 3-2 – The report cards of the match

Hellas Verona-Roma 3-2 – The report cards of the match
Hellas Verona-Roma 3-2 – The report cards of the match

Rui Patricio 6.5: perhaps some responsibility on the occasion of the first goal at La Scala but keeps Roma on their feet by saving on Caprari.

Karsdorp 5: Hellas attack en masse from his wing and the Dutchman is in great difficulty in one-on-one. His cross for Pellegrini’s heel, the only positive note of the evening. From 78 ‘Borja Mayoral SV.

Mancini 5: starts very well but then fails to keep Caprari on the occasion of the 2-1 goal.

Ibanez 5,5: complicated evening even if it does not make serious and obvious mistakes.

Calafiori 5: more concerned with holding the position than attacking, he is never seen in the offensive half. Dal 78’ Smalling SV.

Cristante 5,5: let Simeone run around him in the first few minutes, with the Hellas striker’s shot just out. Then he takes the crossbar on Pellegrini’s free kick.

Veretout 5.5: takes care of holding the position and never shows up in the offensive phase. Dal 65′ Mkhitaryan 5,5: fails to engrave.

Zaniolo 5: a bit confusing in the offensive phase although very active in the cover phase. From 65 ‘Perez 6: try to do something, first with a very high shot and then slightly adjusting the aim but finding the goalkeeper’s parade.

Pilgrims 7.5: the only positive note on such an evening. He invented a goal that should be broadcast worldwide for the beauty and art necessary to think, perform and realize such a gesture. A gesture that also denotes a remarkable mental serenity. He also touched the brace after a run towards the opponent’s goal, which ended with a shot deflected for a corner. Finally, the own goal of the momentary draw is favorable.

Shomurodov 5: he shows up serving Pellegrini, in the second half, with the Giallorossi number 7 flying towards the goal. Apart from that, a smoky game for Uzbek, to be reviewed in this position. Dal 65′ El Shaarawy 6: he tries hard but this time he can’t decide the match. A little out of its conclusion in the last minutes.

Abraham 5: very nervous and badly served by his teammates. He doesn’t have many playable balls but he himself struggles to get them. He fails to keep the team high but he is good at the Hellas Verona own goal, playing well on the bank for Pellegrini. Small satisfaction.

Mourinho 5: Hellas Verona breaks through on the Giallorossi right wing and expanding the capitoline to create space in between. This time, the Special One was unable to find countermeasures and the inclusion of all the attackers had no effect.

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