manages to call his mother and have him arrested

manages to call his mother and have him arrested
manages to call his mother and have him arrested

The girl was on the platform of the Marina di Cerveteri station when she was attacked by the 34-year-old man. Managing to free herself, she called her mother who in turn gave the alarm. The carabinieri arrived on the scene and arrested the aggressor for sexual violence against a minor.

She was traveling alone last Friday night on the regional train on the Rome-Civitavecchia line, when she is approached by a 34-year-old man on the platform who targets her. First he sits next to her, then he starts talking to her to attempt advances, then he begins to harass her and groped her in her private parts on the dock of the Marina di Cerveteri stop.

Victim was a girl of only fifteen years of Cerveteri, who managed to find the cold blood to wriggle out and get away as much as possible, and in the meantime to call her mother. Meanwhile, the man who had tried to abuse her got on the train, so the carabinieri broke into the train and arrested her attacker.

The attacker was taken to prison in Rome

The soldiers of the Santa Severa station identified the man as a citizen of Indian nationality, and detained him on charges of sexual assault on a minor. Translated into the Regina Coeli prison, it remains at the disposal of the judicial authority.


manages call mother arrested

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