MotoGP San Marino 2021, race: Bagnaia dominates in Misano! Super Bastianini 3rd behind Quartararo

MotoGP San Marino 2021, race: Bagnaia dominates in Misano! Super Bastianini 3rd behind Quartararo
MotoGP San Marino 2021, race: Bagnaia dominates in Misano! Super Bastianini 3rd behind Quartararo

Second victory in a row for Pecco Bagnaia! Great race of the Italian who, at his home, triumphs for the second time in eight days. After beating Marquez in a duel to the death in Aragon, this time the Italian must have the better of Fabio Quartararo in Misano, in a different race than last week.

Yes, because this time Bagnaia and Ducati start off like a bomb, dominating for over 15 laps. In the final, however, Pecco accuses a drop in tires and must suffer the return of a super Fabietto Quartararo in a great comeback. But the Italian resists the attacks of the Diablo and wins the San Marino Grand Prix.

San Marino Grand Prix

Rins and Suzuki on the shields in the warm-up of the San Marino GP


Great Pecco, fabulous also Fabio Quartararo. The Frenchman, despite a leadership of the world to keep, does not spare himself and in the final recovers more than two seconds of gap on Bagnaia, trying to the last, without success. 20 key points for him, when there are only four races to go.

How nice to see a winning Ducati at Misano! It must be said that the Italian bike proves to be the strongest on this track, as demonstrated by the immense third position of an amazing Enea Bastianini. The Italian from the rear recovers lap after lap to the sound of fast laps, taking the podium in an absolutely deserved way. Pazzesco la Bestia, also author of the fastest lap in the race.

Fourth was a good Marc Marquez, but far from the podium. Fifth Miller, who is second for almost 20 laps before collapsing with finished tires. Sixth Mir.

For other Italians not an unforgettable ride. The good Pirro is 11th, while Rossi is 17th behind Petrucci. Dovizioso and Morbidelli also off the podium.

Now a weekend off, then off to Austin on one of the few races outside of Europe. Quartararo holds 48 points ahead of Bagnaia, with 100 points at stake it is an advantage of absolute safety.

The order of arrival

The chronicle in five moments

– Ready to go and the two official Ducatis fly. In a few corners Bagnaia already has a life of advantage over Miller second, then Quartararo, Marquez, Martin, Aleix and Pol. Martin has some and in a short time overtakes Marquez, before attacking Fabietto. In the attack, however, he slips.

– In a few laps Bagnaia and Miller have almost two seconds advantage over Quartararo third. Marquez fourth behind, then Bastianini super fifth, Aleix, Rins, Pol, Mir and Pirro. La Bestia is super and manages to pass Marquez, climbing to fourth place. Rins also did well, sixth in comeback.

– Bagnaia always with a second advantage over Miller who has one over Quartararo. Then Bastianini fourth 3 seconds behind Fabio. Fifth Marquez, then Rins, Aleix, Mir, Pol and Pirro tenth. On lap nine Miller goes wide in a curve and Quartararo gains a few meters on him. But the Frenchman is still having a great race, on a track clearly in favor of Ducati.

– Last ten laps of the race. Quartararo changes gear and passes Miller, remaining however three seconds behind Bagnaia. Fourth Bastianini, then Rins who overtakes Marquez. Seventh Aleix, then Mir, Pol and Pirro. Rins crashes and throws another great performance to the wind, while Bastianini is the fastest man on the track and closes the gap on Miller third. Enea attacks and jumps Miller, virtually going to the podium.

– Bagnaia drops the pace a little and Quartararo approaches. Bastianini firmly third ahead of Miller. Quinto Marquez, then Aleix and Mir. Fabietto believes it and in two laps he gains a second over Pecco and finds himself within six tenths of a second. A good duel emerges in the last two rounds, but Pecco resists and wins in front of the Diablo. Bastianini closes the podium, then Marquez, Miller and Mir.

The key statistic

Enea Bastianini is the fifth Ducati on the podium this season. Record for the Italian team.

The declaration

Fabio QUARTARARO: “It was really difficult. At the beginning the Ducatis were very fast and attacked me from all sides. I gave my all, perhaps too much, since the front closed up a few times. Pecco was stronger, especially in the corners. 12. Anyway, I took home 20 points for the season. That’s okay. ”

The social moment

The best

Francesco BAGNAIA: Eight crazy days for him. After the fantastic duel with Marquez in Aragon, a totally different race emerges in Misano, dominated at the beginning. Then in the end everything gets complicated, but he is super in resisting Quartararo’s return.

The worst

Alex KIDNEY: Another opportunity thrown to the wind. He was having a super race, which ended once again in the sand. Very bad.

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San Marino Grand Prix

Rossi: “Bagnaia and Morbidelli can win the World Cup”


San Marino Grand Prix

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