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Italian hat-trick, but what a mockery for Fenati who falls nine from the end when he had the success in his pocket

Italian triumph in the San Marino GP, with Dennis Foggia who wins the fourteenth stage of the Moto3 season ahead of Niccolò Antonelli e Andrea Migno. Very important success for “The Rocket”, which now sees the gap from the leader of the general reduced to 42 points Acosta. Incredible insult instead for Fenati, who with nine laps to go and with success in hand falls and throws away the opportunity to stay in the running for the world championship.

Italy of engines is ecstatic in Misano, once again after the magnificent hat-trick signed at Silverstone. To triumph in the GP of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera on the circuit named after Marco Simoncelli is a super Dennis Foggia, who thanks Romano Fenati and wins the second consecutive success. A very important victory for “The Rocket” given the seventh final place of the leader Pedro Acosta, with the world championship still open with four races to go with 42 points behind the top. Instead, Fenati eats his hands, who crashed nine laps from the end when he was first in solitary with more than three seconds ahead of Foggia himself.

The Italian riot of joy, as mentioned, is also signed by Niccolò Antonelli e Andrea Migno, fantastic at holding on to the attacks of Sergio Garcia e Jaume Masia and capable of conquering yet another all-tricolor podium that makes motor enthusiasts dream more and more. At the end of a race full of emotions and twists, hearing the Mameli anthem resound in Misano Adriatico is the best prize for the three Italian drivers who want to keep the race for the world title open once again.

In the top 10, in addition to the riders mentioned, they also go Binder, Acosta, Dad, Nepa e Sasaki, while they score points Riccardo Rossi (11°), Guevara, McPhee, Toba e Suzuki. Bad luck for Matteo Bertelle, which closes 18 °, suffering and the race closed from 23 ° to Alberto beating, was involved yesterday in a bad fall caused by Kunii (today disqualified and absent in the race).


Moto3 San Marino Italian triumph Misano Foggia wins ahead Antonelli Migno News

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