attacked by a wild boar in Rome. The social complaint

attacked by a wild boar in Rome. The social complaint
attacked by a wild boar in Rome. The social complaint

Massimo Lopez was chased by a boar came out from behind a dustbin. To tell it is the actor himself with a video on his Instagram page; the comedian had to escape while he was going to throw out the garbage because he was being chased by the animal. “I went to throw out the garbage and the wild boar pointed at me, started running because I had the bag in my hand. I ran away. I threw the bag but it did not fit in the bin because it overflowed with waste that has been there for weeks, with a bad smell and so on. This is why there are wild boars in Rome“.

Massimo Lopez is very angry: “The problem is very serious”

The nice actor seems very tried by what he takes care of and continues: “The boar almost attacked me. In recent days there have been attacks by ladies outside the supermarkets, children with their fathers, children with sandwiches in their hands attacked by seagulls who have become like vultures… We must not blame the animals. We have to blame those beasts that don’t solve these problems. And the problem is serious“. According to Massimo Lopez the problem should not be underestimated: “The parks should be closed, the wild boars that proliferate all the time should be checked, perhaps they need to be sterilized because they are in excess, then mice arrive, the garbage is not collected … I am discouraged, taxes are paid and then what do I do? Do I throw the garbage out the window because the wild boars attack you?“.


attacked wild boar Rome social complaint

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