To fight infections and stress, this natural ally could be very useful

To fight infections and stress, this natural ally could be very useful
To fight infections and stress, this natural ally could be very useful

Summer is now drawing to a close; shorter and shorter days, sudden changes and drops in temperature await us. But also the first colds, a few coughs and a red throat. To cure these typical seasonal ills we can resort to classic medicines. But if the symptoms are mild we can also use natural remedies. The classic advice of the grandmother always very useful, simple and practical.

For example, the classic milk and honey useful for sore throats, a ginger tea, but also ointments and essential oils can help our body.

A perennial medicinal plant

There is a little known plant that is a real cure-all for our immune system during the autumn and winter months. We are talking about astragalus, a perennial medicinal plant, native to Asian countries. Much appreciated for its medicinal properties.

Its root (in which the active ingredients are contained) is very flexible and fibrous, the stems branched, the elliptical leaves and the flowers grouped into inflorescences.

The plant reproduces through the seed and does not require special care and attention. It loves full sun exposure and does not need constant watering or natural fertilizer.

To fight infections and stress, this natural ally could be very useful

After describing the physicality of the plant and its very few demanding, let’s now see its innumerable beneficial properties. Just like these 2 plants that are a bomb against seasonal infections and diseases, astragalus also possesses anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating abilities.

As mentioned earlier, the root is the richest part of active ingredients and helps the body to fight many seasonal diseases. In fact, thanks to the presence of polysaccharides, astragalus stimulates and strengthens the immune system, increasing the defenses to fight infections and viruses.

It therefore helps in case of respiratory diseases, coughs, colds and flu.

The properties of the talus are still many. In fact, just like these simple medicinal plants that help fight insomnia, tachycardia and anxiety, astragalus could also act against stress.

In fact, it seems that this plant is a natural remedy for tiredness and fatigue. Its beneficial properties would increase energy, the threshold of resistance to stress and act on the metabolism.

We have seen how this natural ally could be very useful to fight infections and stress.

On the market, we can find astragalus in supplements or other products. But let’s consult your doctor before relying on any natural remedy.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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