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A 42-year-old Italian was beaten up and killed in his home on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. The body was eventually loaded onto his car which was then set on fire. The victim is called Andrea Costa, originally from Cuneo, former metalworker, who had run a Cannabis club on the Spanish island. To kill him – as he reports TgCom24 – it would have been a man she shared an apartment with.

At the moment they ended up in handcuffs David José RP, known on the island as David “El Adoptato”, and a woman who allegedly helped him. But among the suspects there are also six other people, reported with different charges, ranging from aiding and abetting to the failure to provide assistance. The 42-year-old Italian, who had always worked as a worker at Michelin in Cuneo, in 2020 had decided to change his life and open a club in the Canaries by investing all his savings. A dream that didn’t last long. However, when his wife, a nurse by profession, had chosen to return to Italy with his son, he had decided instead to stay on the island, where worked as a cook.

With the man in handcuffs, David, the victim shared the apartment. According to a first reconstruction of the facts, it seems that during a dinner at the restaurant David accused Andrea of ​​wanting to “sell” him to the police, going to blurt out his business. The other hypothesis, on the other hand, is that the Italian complained that he had been left alone to pay the bill. In any case, the quarrel then degenerated, perhaps also due to drug abuse. Until the massacre and killing of the 42-year-old.

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horror unleashed unpaid account Libero Quotidiano

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