servant arrested for murder – Il Tempo

servant arrested for murder – Il Tempo
servant arrested for murder – Il Tempo

Not a random accident but murder. With this dispute, the Naples prosecutor’s office issued a detention order for Mariano Cannio, 38 years old. For prosecutors, the man allegedly killed little Samuele, the 4-year-old child who died yesterday in via Foria in Naples after falling from the third floor of his apartment. Samuele had been found lifeless on the sidewalk of Via Foria yesterday before lunchtime: at first it was thought that the child could have climbed over the railing of the geometric patterned iron balcony, not too high, and jumped into the void. But a new tragic scenario emerged from the investigative findings of the Scientica and the Naples Mobile team: Samuele was killed.

Mariano Cannio, the 38-year-old accused of killing little Samuele, was the domestic collaborator of the Gargiulo family. The man, with a clean record, but with psychic problems, would have thrown the child into the void for reasons still unknown. The turning point came after the interrogations of the family of little Samuel and in particular of the mother, in the eighth month of pregnancy, who was at home with him when he fell into the void. At first, in shock, according to what she learns, she had not even remembered that Cannio was at home: according to the accusations, in a moment of distraction by the woman, Cannio would have grabbed him and thrown him down. The child died, due to the very serious injuries sustained, while being transported to the nearby emergency room of the Pellegrini hospital. A tragic end.

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servant arrested murder Tempo

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