the fourth season starts next week –

the fourth season starts next week –
the fourth season starts next week –

Rare announced that the wait Fourth Season from Sea of Thieves will start next week on all platforms, to be precise from Thursday 23 September.

The announcement came via a teaser trailer published by the studio’s YouTube channel, which offers some clues about what’s coming to Sea of ​​Thieves next week. The film mentions “a kingdom of unparalleled riches” and at the end shows submerged ruins, which would seem to suggest the introduction of underwater activities. Probably more details will be revealed next week, close to the start of the new season, which as previously mentioned will start from Thursday 23 September.

With Season 3, Rare has introduced tons of content, including new enemies, events, and the Pirate’s Life expansion featuring Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. In short, there are great expectations for the Fourth Season, which in all likelihood will introduce a new Pass for Looting, with exclusive content such as costumes, to be unlocked by completing certain challenges.

On the other hand, the developers have promised that they will take advantage of the excellent momentum that Sea of ​​Thieves is experiencing, which in June reached 4.8 million active players around the world, creating new content that can satisfy the appetite of the community. .


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