“My ex-husband has changed, I hurt myself so much …”. Toffanin moved

“My ex-husband has changed, I hurt myself so much …”. Toffanin moved
“My ex-husband has changed, I hurt myself so much …”. Toffanin moved

Adriana Volpe bursts into tears a very true: «My ex-husband changed, I got hurt so bad …“. Toffanin moved. Today, the columnist of the Gf Vip was a guest in the living room of Canale 5 and told about herself with an open heart, between career and private life.

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«He Gf Vip – explains Adriana Volpe – it was a jump without a parachute, for the first time I participated in a program without a script. People have known me for who I am and an empathy has been created with the public that has never existed before. I left the house because a family member had been hospitalized. I immediately understood that I had to go out because my role as a mother was more important than that of a competitor. When I went out I discovered that the world had changed, I found people with masks, gloves. You couldn’t touch yourself».

And keeps going: “My daughter’s eyes when I saw her again I will never forget them. I should have stayed away from her, because she was in that house too. But I couldn’t resist and I went in too. Giselle was very strong. Finding yourself after so many years of marriage (since 2008), seeing that the person who is next to you changes and takes a path that you do not share and does not belong to you, is difficult. I tried to hold it like pulling a rope. But you hurt yourself so much and the only thing you can do is open your hand and let it go. I would like to protect my daughter. My ex-husband made serious statements thinking that there is a child in the middle. In this moment he must be protected, he is a fragile person who has problems and must be respected. And especially my daughter must be protected. It will take time and all three of us will conquer our serenity».

Adriana Volpe

Adriana Volpe concludes: «I’m not ready to have a new romance. I still have the wounds uncovered. I’m not ready …».

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