“You broke my ***.” Maria De Filippi intervenes

“You broke my ***.” Maria De Filippi intervenes
“You broke my ***.” Maria De Filippi intervenes

You are worth it, Sabrina Ferilli goes out of her mind with the guest: “Broke me ic ***“. Maria De Filippi spoke. The Saturday night appointment with the talent branded Maria De Filippi has started again. In the jury, once again, alongside the presenter, Rudy Zerbi, Gerry Scotti and Teo Mammuccari. Sabrina Ferilli at the head of the popular jury. And the latter was the protagonist of a funny curtain. But let’s go in order.

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The five judges are called to attend an external rehearsal at night. To get to the exhibition location, they have to walk a country path completely in the dark. But along the way a sort of creepy elf with a cloak appears to show them the way. Scared Sabrina Ferilli threatens him. But it is once you get to the place of the performance that the incredible happens.

Sabrina Ferilli

During the rehearsal of a couple of artists, the goblin scares the Roman actress who goes on a rampage and chases him with a pipe. “What are you doing?” Asks Maria De Filippi. But Sabrina Ferilli is black: “Broke me ic ***». Immediate comments from followers on Twitter: «Sabrina is iconic». Risate social.

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broke Maria Filippi intervenes

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