Tu si que vales, Maria tests Giulia Stabile: phenomenal response

Tu si que vales, Maria tests Giulia Stabile: phenomenal response
Tu si que vales, Maria tests Giulia Stabile: phenomenal response


Rain of congratulations for the winners of the latest edition of Amici

Published on September 18, 2021

Maria De Filippi a hundred thinks and a thousand does. TO You are worth it the presenter from Pavia disrupts the cards and calls us to dance unexpectedly Giulia Stabile, winner of the last edition of Amici who this year joined the team of the show which also sees among its protagonists Belen, Mammucari, Gerry Scotti, Sabrina Ferilli and Rudy Zerbi. At one point, Sadeck, a brilliant 32-year-old French choreographer and dancer, appears on stage. He performs with ‘Geometria Variabile’, accompanied by 40 girls with a ‘surgical’ ballet. The response is practically unanimous: all judges express positive opinions, followed by the public. For 97% it is yes. All over, greetings and goodbye? No, Maria has something else in mind.

“Sadeck, I’d like a girl who’s 19 to meet you”, De Filippi reports to the dancer. Maria looks behind the scenes and calls Giulia Stabile on the track. In the studio it is immediately a standing ovation. “She always laughs, but when she dances she can dance …”, explains De Filippi to the French. Julia, needless to say, laughs, and waits to know what Costanzo’s wife is up to. Soon said: “I send the music that he dances, you try to dance with him.” La Stabile remains somewhat confused and mimics the gesture of fear. But how? Shall we invent such a dance on the spot? Yes, at least this is the ‘crazy’ idea that flashed in the head of Maria who insists, with the confidence of the teacher who knows that she is about to bring out the best in her pupil.

La Stabile and Sadeck talk to each other for just a few seconds, with the choreographer giving the young woman two tips. In short, from the series: follow me, that everything will be fine. The dance begins, Giulia is divine. It follows Sadeck’s moves and the result is phenomenal, the best response given to the stimulus provided by Maria. The performance ends and applause rains. Ferilli and De Filippi are speechless, the applause in the studio is thunderous and spontaneous. Chapeu!

Meanwhile, Twitter is seething with compliments for the winner of Amici. For once, even on social media, there is unanimity. Very few criticisms and an avalanche of enthusiasm. “Divine, unusual to dance improvising like this “, someone glosses. Hat off! Giulia, after Amici, bewitches everyone even to Tu si que vales!

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