Whoever carries a WEEE carries a treasure – Targatocn.it

Whoever carries a WEEE carries a treasure – Targatocn.it
Whoever carries a WEEE carries a treasure – Targatocn.it

The Global E-waste Monitor has estimated that in 2030 the amount of electronic waste generated in the world will exceed 74 million tons. The global amount of electronic waste is increasing at a rate of nearly two million tons per year and the European Union has very ambitious goals on the collection and recovery of this type of waste. In fact, the targets entered into force in the Action Plan for the Circular Economy require Member States to reach a minimum collection rate of 65% of all WEEE compared to the average weight of electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market in the previous three years. or, alternatively, 85% of the WEEE produced in the territory of the Member State.

Even in our territory, with the communication campaign Tesoro Portal, funded by the WEEE Coordination Center, the SEA Consortium is committed to encouraging citizens to bring their waste from electrical and electronic equipment to the ecological islands, and thus to combat abandonment. With the start of the new school year “ Tesoro Portal“Has broadened its range of action by actively involving all the high schools in the area and identifying young people as great allies for the recovery of WEEE.

The dialogue with the schools began in June, when the representatives of the Consortium met with the representatives of the higher institutes to explain the project to them and ask for their willingness to promote it. Thanks to “ Tesoro Portal“In each Institute a collection of small WEEE will be activated (waste with a maximum size of 24 cm, for example smartphones, headphones, chargers) and an internal awareness campaign through the dissemination of a dedicated educational kit. This week the inspections and the positioning of the containers at the institutes of Saluzzo, Barge, Savigliano, Racconigi, Fossano and Verzuolo were completed. At the same time, the postcards for the students, dedicated to the collection of small WEEE at school, were delivered to the school representatives. A digital educational kit will be shared with each Institute by the end of September to explore the topic of waste from electrical and electronic equipment in the classroom.

«The project, which provided for the placement of the containers and the activation of a service dedicated to high schools – underlines the president of the Consortium Fulvio Rubiolo – is an invitation for students to take their small e-waste to school. The collection of WEEE at school is a fundamental step to help create a culture on the recovery and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, and to demonstrate our commitment, as a territory, to achieving the objectives of the European Union with concrete actions. Recycling is essential on the one hand to reduce pollution and protect our health, and on the other hand to recover many raw materials to be reused in new production processes».

In the meantime, the awareness campaign aimed at all citizens of the Consortium on the correct delivery of waste from electrical and electronic equipment to the ecological islands of the territory continues, informing them of the materials they are made of, their value in terms of recovery, and of the danger if dispersed in the environment. Each month the study on the collection and recovery of a type of waste.

To stay up to date on the activities dedicated to WEEE: https://www.consorziosea.it/porta-tesoro-all-isola/, the FB page “For a record differentiation”, the institutional pages of the Municipalities and their FB profiles .

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