they are 30 years old no vax and with their children at school

they are 30 years old no vax and with their children at school
they are 30 years old no vax and with their children at school

Contagions rise (yesterday 376 new positives in Lazio) albeit of a few units but the trend that the pandemic is taking from Covid family doctors summarize it: “In recent days we are witnessing a lowering of the average age with more positives among the thirty-year-olds not yet vaccinated who may have small children even as young as one or a few years old who have returned to school”, he explains Pier Luigi Bartoletti, provincial secretary of Fimmg, the Italian Federation of general practitioners. “The data is in contrast with that of a few weeks ago when – continues Bartoletti – most of the new cases concerned adults over 50 who had not yet undertaken the immunization process, now the situation is changing”.


However, the common denominator remains the same: those who have not yet started the vaccination cycle contract the virus that has been showing itself for some time in the Delta variant. «The schools reopened on Monday 13th but the nursery schools even earlier – concludes the Fimmg secretary – and these new positives, even if they are contained, are increasingly linked to cases involving children. Let’s hope we don’t have to be surprised in a few weeks ». In many schools, many classes have already been placed in isolation due to the positive cases that have emerged also in the face of the launch of the screening campaign with salivary tests for children aged 6 to 12 (not included in the vaccination plan) decided by the Region.

And again from the Region, the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato recalls the importance of vaccination. Lazio has started the third dose for fragile subjects (transplanted or dialysed) and from tomorrow all the hospitals and the ASL will start the recalls with the additional doses in a “massive” manner, recalls the councilor who points out the number of people involved : «There are about 65 thousand subjects interested in this phase».


Nonetheless, however, the commitment is to carry out vaccinations in parallel, let’s call them “ordinary” with the aim of reaching 85% of immune in the second dose. Reason why D’Amato still invites all those still stationary: “I want to send an invitation to vaccination to workers who have not yet done so, do not stop at the last minute”. Also because among the available doses – more than sufficient – and a vaccination system that follows the double channel – booking but also direct injection into a hub by presenting only the tax code – the new goal that the Region aspires to would be cut in a few days. In regional refrigerators there are stocks that are useful for continuing the dual channel of third dose boosters and closing or starting the first cycle. More than one and a half million m-RNA vaccines arrived in August and increasing deliveries in September and October also secure the plan. In the hope that more and more citizens among young people and also among the over 50s decide to take the first step towards immunization.




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