Fabio Torella was 57 years old

Fabio Torella was 57 years old
Fabio Torella was 57 years old

He was expert, attentive, sporty. He wore the uniform and faced dangers and delicate operations for decades, he lost his life under the eyes of his son, also a policeman, in Val Gardena riding what was a great passion of his, mountain biking. Fabio Torella, 57, deputy commissioner in charge of the Administrative Division of the La Romanina police station, died instantly in Plan de Gralba after falling off his bicycle.

Illness while trying the new bike, he dies at 60 on the mountain path in Cortina

The accident occurred yesterday morning on the Jump Line route, he was in the company of his son and a Roman friend, pure air, walks, direct contact with nature. The men of the Alpine Rescue reported that he was wearing a helmet and that the route was not particularly difficult, yet the fall was fatal once he lost control of the vehicle. Deputy Commissioner Fabio Torella suffered serious injuries to the cervical spine. Vain intervention by the rescuers who could not help but ascertain the death of the man: the doctor of the provincial helicopter rescue could only ascertain the death and transport the body to the hospital in Selva di Val Gardena.

The group had started from Val di Fassa and was descending on the Val Gardena side, in the Piz Sella area. The previous days they had been in San Martino di Castrozza as Fabio Torella had posted, proud of the trip. Pain among lifelong colleagues, a “man with a heart of gold, always with a smile”. For about ten years he had worked at the Albano police station as an inspector, “trained on several fronts, he headed important offices” remember friends and colleagues. Then he moved to Rome where he lived with his wife and children Daniele and Giulia.
Daniele Torella joined the police in 2019 with the utmost pride of his father. “Kind, cordial, he had a smile that knew no bounds”, says a friend. He had participated in several important operations against organized crime in the judicial team, then he had directed the steering wheels, the administrative office, passports, this always in Albano and collaborated closely with many managers.

For about ten years he had headed the Office of the Administrative Direction. His son Daniele serves in Northern Italy. With him and a Roman friend he had been in Val Gardena for a few days. His photos posted until yesterday speak of life and joie de vivre, love for animals and nature. As well as for sport.
The now retired deputy commissioner Nicola Luciano, from the Albano police station, like all his colleagues, said: “A heavy loss we still do not believe in the news arrived late in the morning by his son Daniele and we remember Fabio Torella as a wonderful man, always available, selfless, never angry and always smiling. He brought joy and serenity to everyone in the workplace, even in the most adverse situations ».
Now the funeral is awaited, which will probably take place at the Romanina. The son Daniele on facebook has only found the strength to write “I’ll let you know”. Then the family closed in pain. A hard worker and a passionate man. Of everything, first of all the family. Then sports, mountains, breaks that he allowed himself, who knows even to see his son at work in the North. “A father of a family and a very sweet husband”, adds a colleague, “we are all saddened, we did not want to believe it was him, then the son confirmed it to us”. The news reached the Ministry of the Interior, it spread among lifelong colleagues, who cling to the pain of his wife Marina and children. “Hello captain”; «Hello commander», anyone who has met him in his long career will not forget that good and life-filled look of his.


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