3-1 to Serbia. Michieletto and Pinali super, now it’s a challenge to Slovenia- Corriere.it

3-1 to Serbia. Michieletto and Pinali super, now it’s a challenge to Slovenia- Corriere.it
3-1 to Serbia. Michieletto and Pinali super, now it’s a challenge to Slovenia- Corriere.it
from Flavio Vanetti

De Giorgi’s boys bend the resistance of the blue “black beast” and will play for gold against Slovenia, but they are already certain to go to the World Cup in Russia 2022

The Young men’s volleyball Italy updates the concept of perfection and goes beyond the boundaries of reality, at least of that imaginable on the eve of this European who now sees it sensationally finalist. The Reigning champion Serbia is dethroned in the semifinals for 3-1 (29-27, 25-22, 23-25, 25-18) and ends the other selections taken by the blue teams in this unforgettable summer (the national basketball team has denied the Serbs the Tokyo Games conquering Belgrade; then the volleyball girls arrived to take the continental gold medal, also in the capital of the Balkan republic).

Eighth win in a row, with a maturity that is the result of a wave that has become bigger and bigger until it turns into a tsunami. Now the work has to be completed against Slovenia, which eliminated the hosts Poland (Sunday 19 September, 20.30, Raidue and Dazn) and great favorite. Trained by an Italian, Alberto Giuliani, the Slovenians are looking for the first gold after two silvers. We plan to deny it to them and to take back the title after 16 years.

The battle developed in the name of balance. Serbia took advantage of the blues’ start and tried to escape (4-8). But with two effective batting rounds, the first by Giannelli and the second by Michieletto, Italy straightened the shack and put its head forward in a “hot” moment of the fraction (19-17 Pinali’s counterattack on a miraculous defense by Giannelli). But there was still a lot to write and, unfortunately, the Serbs had the best plot: 21-23 and then a set point on 24-25. But here the young national team of De Giorgi put his brave and bold face: comeback, overtake and close in fourth (29-27).

It was not a robbery, but a proof of quality and character. And of resilience. The same skills needed for to bend the opponent also in the second fraction. Here the sides have been overturned: after having had two promising advantages, the blues have been sucked (20-20) by collecting the crescendo of performance of Atanasievic. In such a phase coldness and cynicism were necessary. Italy found them with two attacks from Galassi and an ace from Pinali. Selfhe was done, but there was a third set left to slip away. But it was a passing slip: the game was always in the hands of this team by now strong in the lead, precise in their choices and able to remedy even the moments of tarnish. The fourth set was a blue symphony: now forward towards the most beautiful dream.

September 18, 2021 (change September 18, 2021 | 23:54)


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