the businessman found alive after 9 months, reappeared at sea

the businessman found alive after 9 months, reappeared at sea
the businessman found alive after 9 months, reappeared at sea

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September 18, 2021 5:23 pm


He is alive and well, today he should embrace family members who have not seen him for months. Davide Pecorelli, an entrepreneur from Valtiberina who has disappeared, would have been tracked down on a rubber dinghy in the Tyrrhenian Sea, near an island off the coast of Livorno. This is what today’s edition of The nation. A film epilogue after more than 9 months during which there had been no more news from him. He had in fact mysteriously disappeared last January.

Davide Pecorelli is alive: found after 9 months

Forty-five years old, former referee, originally from Lama di San Giustino but with ties to Sansepolcro and the rest of the province of Arezzo, having also worked in the capital. As a whistle he had an excellent career, after passing to the referees in Arezzo (before he was in Città di Castello) he came to direct Serie C matches. His latest news, before the sensational turning point of recent hours, told of a business trip in Albania and the last traces had led to a car that went on fire in the north of the country, in Puka, where Pecorelli was for some commitments. Inside the car, rented by the man, his cell phone was found. But next to it there were some remains, perhaps human.

The samples sent to Italy to be analyzed did not allow to detect the DNA and to attribute an identity to those bones. On the matter, the Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia had also opened a file against unknown persons, hypothesizing the murder. The chief prosecutor Raffaele Cantone allegedly formulated two offenses: voluntary murder and drug trafficking. Pecorelli will arrive in Valtiberina during the day and the circumstances of the discovery will also be clarified and what happened to him in the last 9 very long months. The entrepreneur would have been shipwrecked after a holiday. After hugging family members, the 45-year-old will explain the many reasons for his disappearance. And of the discovery in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is located on the opposite side of Italy with respect to Albania washed by the Adriatic and Ionian.

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businessman alive months reappeared sea

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