Something gigantic just crashed on Jupiter! Here is the video

Something gigantic just crashed on Jupiter! Here is the video
Something gigantic just crashed on Jupiter! Here is the video

Thanks to video evidence obtained by some amateur astronomers, we know that recently Jupiter was hit by a rather massive object, which produced an unmistakable glow as it crossed the dense atmosphere of the largest and most powerful of the eight planets in the Solar System.

Being the king of the planets of our star system requires a good dose of suffering and responsibility: due to the incredible gravitational interaction, Jupiter rules a bit all those causal movements of celestial objects that move in our cosmic surroundings. It is therefore reasonable to expect that is often targeted by comets and asteroids.

It is no coincidence that that which took place a few days ago is the eighth impact recorded by astronomers and observers from Earth, since the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was documented in 1994. They may seem few, but it must be considered that anyway these are only those of which we have a photographic testimony. Not all of them have been documented, nor are all of them observable, since their passage really lasts a few seconds.

The recent impact occurred between the night of 13 and 14 September 2021. The event was observed simultaneously, but independently, by two different amateur astronomers: Harald Paleske from Germany, who was studying Io’s shadow as it passed the planet, and José Luis Pereira from Brazil.

Here is the short video showing the intense, but brief impact. Other astronomers and amateur astronomers also claim to have witnessed the impact on Jupiter, including Simone Galelli from Italy and Jean-Paul Arnould and Michel Jacquesson from France.

It is not known precisely how often Jupiter is hit by something large or fast enough to produce an impact flash visible from Earth, but it is thought to at least occur. between 20 and 60 times a year.

Now the question that many are asking is “how big is the object that hit Jupiter?“, but for the answer much more in-depth analysis will be needed, since the only data useful for obtaining such information are the intensity and magnitude of the glow produced by the passage in the Jovian atmosphere. However, scientists are already working on it, and we hope to know more soon.

Another amateur astronomer recently made a sensational discovery regarding Jupiter.


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