«Maximum commitment with us» – Corriere.it

«Maximum commitment with us» – Corriere.it
«Maximum commitment with us» – Corriere.it

“Either the funds arrive, or I leave.” This, in summary, is the message that Luca Bernardo sent to the Milanese executives of Forza Italia, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Milano Popolare. The Milan mayoral candidate for the center-right he used strong tones in asking for a greater economic commitment to the coalition parties that support him in his run to the administrative offices in Milan. And he said he was ready to go back to doing his job (he is head of Pediatrics at the Fatebenefratelli hospital, ed) if no more money arrives to continue the electoral campaign.

“I leave you the message so it remains black and white – says the pediatrician in the audio published on the website of La Repubblica -, but I kindly ask as secretaries of the responsible parties that if they do not arrive within this week at least for all parties 50 thousand euros each to move forward in this campaign that costs much more, I in absolute transparency and fairness I call a press conference on Monday morning at 10 I will say that I am withdrawing from the electoral contest. It is the last message that I leave you because we cannot go on like this ». He then adds: “Thank you if some party has already done so but I repeat: if I find a different version on the current account and if I don’t see complete harmony and total on the electoral campaign, which I only see of some and I do not say of whom unlike others, I retire on Monday. It is not my habit to retire but I go back to doing my job that I like so much. Monday at 10 am I will do this press conference if I do not have different indications. But don’t call or chat, I love you, I respect you and I respect you, but I’m putting my face to it and, as you can see, I was deeply impressed in a month and a half of my presence in politics ».

«I confirm, but it was one exchange in full compliance with transparency, starting with transparency towards the Milanese – he explains Bernardo -. I asked my coalition allies for a further effort to tackle the last two weeks of the election campaign for the first round. The fact that in a chat he used decisive tones depends on the role play that normally occurs in these circumstances ».

“The Salvini Premier League, the Brothers of Italy, Forza Italia, the list of Luca Bernardo Mayor, Maurizio Lupi Milano Popolare and the European Liberal Party confirm the maximum effort in support of Luca Bernardo’s candidacy, ”the Milanese leaders of the center-right parties Stefano Bolognini, Stefano Maullu, Cristina Rossello, Maurizio Bernardo, Alessandro Colucci and Flavio Ramella reply in a joint note. According to the executives, “the great turnout and success of all the events organized in these days” show “a concrete possibility of obtaining a very good real result far beyond the survey data”. «Unfortunately – writes the coalition – we have been penalized by a delay in the possibility of using the electoral spaces. Also for this reason, in the next two weeks we will make every effort to sensitize the Milanese to the vote and to convince them to change leadership of the city ».

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18 September 2021 | 18:44



Maximum commitment Corriereit

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