Covid, in Italy in the last month 44,990 infected, 2,330 hospitalized and 405 deaths among the vaccinated with full cycle. Official data

Covid, in Italy in the last month 44,990 infected, 2,330 hospitalized and 405 deaths among the vaccinated with full cycle. Official data
Covid, in Italy in the last month 44,990 infected, 2,330 hospitalized and 405 deaths among the vaccinated with full cycle. Official data

In the last month in Italy 44.990 people vaccinated with a full course took the Covid-19. Of these, 2.330 ended up in the hospital and 405 They’re dead. These are the official data published today by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in the integrated surveillance bulletin updated to date e published on the official website.

Obviously, the unvaccinated who have taken Covid have been more: it is 96.900 people. Of these, 6.841 ended up in the hospital and 770 died.

Among all the infections of the last month, therefore, 32% had already received full vaccination (double dose) while 68% were not vaccinated; among all hospitalized 25% were vaccinated and 75% were not vaccinated; among all 35% of deaths were vaccinated and 65% were not vaccinated.

The hospitalization rate (percentage of hospitalized among the infected) was del 7,0% for the unvaccinated and del 5,2% for the vaccinated, while the lethality rate (percentage of deaths among the infected) was of 0,8% for the unvaccinated and the 0,9% for the vaccinated. There probability of hospitalization, so it is a little higher for those who get infected without a vaccine than for those who get the virus when vaccinated, but in the same way the probability of death is higher for vaccinated than for unvaccinated.

There is, therefore, no “double pandemic“Between vaccinated and unvaccinated: although lower in absolute terms thanks to the vaccine, the numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths and the nature of the virus due to virulence, hospitalization and mortality rates remain similar even in the vaccinated who continue to be infected, end up in hospital and die, albeit less than unvaccinated. AND it is not at all true that there are only unvaccinated people in hospitals.

Obviously, these data can be better understood by analyzing the data by age group.

Regardless of vaccinations, in fact, the elderly who already die from Covid-19 are already rendered fragile by other previous pathologies. In fact in the last month we have had 147 deaths under the age of 60 (of which only 12 were under the age of 40) e 1,086 deaths over the age of 60, of which well 602 were over eighty.

The number of deaths among the over 80s remains more than 50 times higher than the number of deaths among the under 40s, despite the fact that more than 91% of the over 80s are vaccinated while only 44% of the under 40s are vaccinated.

In the entire Italian population we have 18 million 126 thousand and 164 over 60s, Of these 15 million 512 thousand and 206 are vaccinated with a full cycle, equal to85,6% of the total.

Between the ages of 12 and 60, however, we have 35 million 882 thousand and 737 Italians, of which they are vaccinated 20 million 075 thousand and 609, equal to 55,9%.

The data shows that in any case the elderly continue to die of Covid-19 even if vaccinated, while in young people death is very rare even without a vaccine.

In fact, the same Istituto Superiore di Sanità, in the table in which it estimates vaccination efficacy, explains that with regard to deaths in the range between 12 and 39 yearsthe estimate cannot be calculated due to the low frequency of events“. Young people die of Covid so rarely that it is not possible to say if and how effective the vaccine is in this age group, unlike the others in which it has an efficacy of 92,5% for the forties and fifties and del 96% for over 60s.

Very different percentages for the infection: the overall effectiveness of the vaccine is 76,9%, which goes down to 69,3% among young people (12-39 years).

A vaccinated young person, therefore, does not decrease the risk of death which, unless he is seriously ill, he would not have anyway; and compared to other age groups, on young people the vaccine also has the least efficacy as regards contagion. Age, on the other hand, remains the main discriminant of the virus which can kill young people only if they are already seriously ill. The lethality rate under the age of 50 is similar to that of seasonal flu and under the age of 40 it even falls below the 0,01%, lower than that of influenza, as shown in the table of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità which collects all the data of the pandemic in Italy. Even for those in their fifties (50-59 years) the lethality rate is less than one percent (0,6%), while it increases significantly in the elderly and especially in the ultranovantenni (27,7%).

Just to make a comparison, in 2019 (latest data available on the Istat website) in Italy there have been 172,183 road accidents that they caused 3,173 dead. The lethality rate of road accidents is therefore1,84%, significantly higher than the Covid-19 lethality rate for all people under the age of 60.

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