“They brainwash him”

September 18, 2021 4:20 pm

“This is a real damage”, insist the defenders in Israel who reported the visit of a paternal uncle to the little one, the only survivor of the Mottarone massacre

“Unfortunately Hagai Biran and his wife – explained the lawyers – told us that at the end of the meeting they were worried about Eitan’s conditions”. For his uncles, – they added – “Eitan uttered sentences out of their context and inculcated messages that undoubtedly derive from instigation”.

“It is – they insisted – real damage”. The lawyers then underlined: “Unlike the family of kidnappers who report in real time the life of the minor as if he were participating in a reality show, we and the Biran family think that at this moment the most appropriate and necessary thing is to protect privacy and the intimacy of Eitan “.

The intervention of the lawyers and the Biran family followed a note released by Gadi Solomon, spokesman for the Peleg family in Israel, in which news of the visit of the paternal uncles to Eitan was announced. “This morning – said Solomon – Hagai and his wife visited the baby in Shmulik Peleg’s house. The two were with Eitan in private and played with him for a little more than an hour. During the visit it was proposed. them to call Aya in Italy or Amit’s parents (who live in Israel, ed) but they preferred not to burden Eitan “.

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